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The low temperatures continue-The forecast of the Meteorological Service

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Weak high pressure is affecting the area. Today, initially, the weather will be mostly clear in several areas, although there will be locally increased cloud in the east which is likely to give isolated light rain on southeast coasts. Gradually, the weather will become locally partly cloudy and temporarily in the mountains and in the southern half of the island, mostly cloudy, where isolated, mainly light, rains are expected.

Snow or sleet may fall in the mountains. Winds will be mostly northwest to northeast, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be a bit rough and in the morning on the eastern coast, it will be rough. The temperature will rise to around 14 degrees in the interior and on the southwest coasts, around 15 on the rest of the coasts and around 1 degree in the higher mountains. Locally, frost is expected to persist in the higher mountains.

Tonight there will be temporarily increased clouds. Winds will be northwest to northeast, light, 3 Beaufort and the sea will be calm to a little rough. The temperature will drop to around 2 degrees in the interior, around 4 on the southern and northern coasts, around 6 on the rest of the coasts and around minus 4 degrees in the higher mountains. Frost is expected to form locally in the mountains, in the semi-mountains and in leeward areas of the interior.

On Monday isolated rains or even snow are expected in the mountains, on Tuesday there will be temporarily increased clouds. On Wednesday, increased clouds are expected to give local, mainly light, rain and snow or sleet in the mountains.

The temperature is expected to gradually drop slightly until Tuesday and slightly rise on Wednesday to remain close and a little longer below the average climatic values.

The height of the snow in Troodos Square, at the time of issuing the bulletin, was 56 cm. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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