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The main challenge is the transition to green energy and the reduction of pollutants, says the EAC President

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    The main challenge is the transition to green energy and reduction of pollutants says the EAC President – We have a “plan B,'' he said of smart meters – In mid-July the tender documents for Decelia

    The transition to green energy and the reduction of greenhouse emissions is a top challenge for us, with the expansion into Renewable Sources Energy, the addition of green energy in the production mix of EAC and energy storage to be a one-way street, stressed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Electricity Authority Georgios Petrou.

    In this context, Mr. Petrou pointed out that the issue of returning the €43 million investment in the capital of the Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA, a subsidiary of DEFA) no longer arises, as, as he said, the Authority wishes to have a say in discussions in relation to natural gas.

    “We have raised the issue, but I don't think it's something we should deal with for now, yes we have given the €43 million, we have received 30% of ETYFA and now we have a say in ETYFA”, said Mr. Petrou in a meeting with representatives of the media and added: “It is not something we are discussing because it is urgent for natural gas to come to Cyprus”, which he said is among the main priorities of the EAC.

    Mr. Petrou mentioned that with the use of natural gas for electricity generation purposes, the savings from the polluters' rights are estimated at €70 to €80 million per year.

    “We are talking about very serious savings for the country, a savings that will pass in the world”, he emphasized.

    Asked about the decisions on the contract with the Chinese consortium for the liquefied natural gas import terminal, Mr. Petrou said that discussions are also underway at the diplomatic level and expressed optimism that the arrival of natural gas can be achieved around the end of 2025.

    In response to a question about the FRSU floating terminal, “Prometheus”, Mr. Petrou said that a ship might be ready to be received, adding that the final approval from the classification society will be given after the terminal is connected with a terminal to operate.

    Smart meters: We have a 'plan B'

    Asked what will happen if the Supreme Court accepts Cyta and EAC's appeal against the decision of the Administrative Court to reject the award of the “smart meters” contract to Cyta, Mr. Petrou said that EAC has worked out ” a plan b'”, which he did not want to disclose.

    “Since there are 15 days left, we believe, for the decision (of the Court) so once it comes out we will be forced to come out with some form of offer, but we have something in mind, which will simplify the whole issue, if a decision comes out that does not help us”, completed.

    In mid-July the tender documents for Dekelia

    Answering a question about the Dekelia station, Mr. Petrou reiterated that the bid for the scholars and that the tender documents are expected to be submitted to the Board in mid-July and bids for the EPP Contractor will then be announced.

    The upgrade foresees two additional generating units ranging between 60 and 115 Megawatts, depending on the cost, while the old generators will be maintained since there is a derogation until 2029.

    Also, Mr. Petrou reiterated that in the context of the upgrade of the Transmission Network, the EAC has approved tenders worth approximately €45 million that will strengthen the network and allow the further penetration of RES projects.

    He also said that as part of the upgrade of the Distribution Network, the Distribution Directorate is proceeding with intensive pace in the reformation and evolution of the Network “into an intelligent system, which will provide high-level services to all users without exception and without discrimination, as a result of which it will become the protagonist in transition to a sustainable, zero-carbon economic development in our country, which will be based on and promote the green and efficient electrification of energy”.

    “As a new administration, we want the Organization to maintain its distinct role. To remain the energy pillar of Cyprus and to play a leading role in the green energy transition”, he said, to add that “in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, the Directorate, the People of the EAC and the Trade Unions, we are proceeding with the implementation of our goals at the grassroots level of a specific plan, with method, focus and hard work in order to achieve the result we all desire, a strong EAC”.

    He further informed that the updated EAC Mobile App has been launched recently. As he said, with this application, which is available for Android and IOS mobile phones, consumers can, among other things, be updated about bills, see their consumption history for three years, submit their meter reading (by photographing it) to in case it was not possible to do it by the EAC workshop, while having the locator system activated, they will be able to register a request such as pruning, street lighting, and network problems. They can also calculate through a smart computing power the indicative cost of consumption using one or more electrical devices and find the location and route for EAC and KEP electric vehicle charging stations.

    “The digital transformation of EAC and its transformation into a customer-centric Organization, which provides tools to its customers for greater flexibility, better and more immediate service is another priority of ours”, concluded Mr. Petrou.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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