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The maximum licensing fee per scooter is in force

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Σε ισχy ο καθο ρισμoς μeγιστου τeλους αδειοδoτ&eta σης ανà scooter

A notification by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works is in force to determine the maximum licensing fee per scooter for a license to operate scooter rental and circulation businesses, it is stated in an announcement.

The announcement was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on November 25, 2022, in accordance with the Regulation of the Traffic of Bicycles and other Personal Mobility Devices (Amendment) (No.2) Law of 2022 The effect of the Notification is immediate, from the date of publication.  

It is recalled that, based on Law L. 136(I)/2022, for the operation of businesses for the rental and circulation of Personal Mobility Devices within the boundaries of Municipalities or Communities, the businesses in question should secure, on an annual basis, an operating and circulation license of devices, by the relevant Municipalities and/or Communities, after submitting a relevant application.

The Notification, noted in the announcement, sets the maximum licensing fee per Personal Mobility Device at thirty (30) euros, with a minimum total fee of one hundred (100) euros. In the event that the provision of expert services is required, within the framework of the licensing by a Municipality or Community, the licensed Personal Mobility Device rental and distribution company will pay the actual cost of these services, regardless of the prescribed fee.

The Notice has been issued after consultation with the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Union of Cyprus Communities.

Based on the provisions of Law L. 136(I)/2022 and in the context of the aforementioned licenses for the operation of Personal Mobility Devices rental and circulation businesses, each Municipality or each Community determines terms and conditions for the operation of these businesses. For the identification of the licensed Personal Mobility Devices, a sticker will be placed by the Licensing Authority, with a unique identification number per Device.

The Law provides for license revocation procedures by the licensing Authority after a specific procedure. It is pointed out that a violation of the provisions of the new legislation constitutes an offense and in case of conviction, the offenders will be subject to penalties, while extrajudicial regulation is also provided for some offences.

In order to operate legally in the Republic of Cyprus and continue to provide the relevant services, Personal Mobility Device rental and distribution businesses must obtain the relevant license before the lapse of twelve (12) months from the date of entry into force of Law N 136(I)/2022, which was on July 28, 2022.

The basic legislative regulations for the use of Personal Mobility Devices (e-scooters) are:

The traffic area is in roads on the carriageway for motor vehicles, which have a speed limit of up to 30 KAO, on a cycle path, cycle lane or in an area that is an extension of a cycle path (space shared by cyclists & pedestrians). In a square or pedestrian street, only after a decision of the relevant Municipality or Community.

The age of users ranges from fourteen (14) years and older. In the event that the Personal Mobility Device, by design, allows the movement of a passenger, he must be twelve (12) years of age or older.

Means of personal protection for the user are the mandatory use of a helmet and the mandatory use of clothing with appropriate fluorescent insignia.

Minimum device equipment is brake system, front lights & rear, bell, tires.

The machine by construction develops a maximum speed of twenty (20) Kilometers Per Hour (KH). When users of Personal Mobility Devices move in squares or pedestrian streets, they should not exceed the speed of ten (10) Kilometers Per Hour (MPH).

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works urges rental businesses and circulation of Personal Mobility Devices to submit an application as soon as possible to the Municipalities and/or Communities that wish to secure the relevant license.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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