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The mayor of Paralimni nails MPs for their backs and interests – Complaint to the Commission/Confirmed by the Audit Service

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The mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodoros Pyrillis, sent a letter to the Attorney General and the Auditor General, in which he complains to MPs that they promote the interests of businessmen who are active in water sports on the beaches of free Famagusta. The complaint was also forwarded to the European Commission (Commission) delegation in Cyprus as it violates a Community Directive. On the other hand, the MP of EDEK, Mr. Kostis Efstathiou, in his statements to “P” rejected as unfounded the complaints of Mr. Pyrillis that concern him as well, indicating that with the proposal of law that he submitted together with the MP of DISY, Mr. Kyriakos Hatzigiannis seeks to avoid problems in view of the tourist season.

The reason and occasion for the mayor of Paralimni to make the complaints against the two deputies was the bill that they submitted and that will be discussed today in an extraordinary session of the Parliamentary Committee on Interior. Specifically, the draft law proposes the amendment of the Law on Beach Protection, so that the validity of the licenses that were in force at the date of entry into force of the law, in 2019, to be extended until 31/10/2024 and the offers regarding them to be announced no later than 31/12/2023. In short, the two MPs suggest that water sports entrepreneurs continue to own part of the beach for the needs of their professional activities without offers. As the two Members state in their explanatory memorandum, the proposed regulation is deemed necessary due to the untimely announcement of tenders and in order to be able to grant permits to the approved beaches in view of the tourist season.

The complaint

In his letter, the mayor of Paralimni, secured by “P”, states, among other things: “The Municipality of Paralimni, in compliance with the legislation that is still in force, has announced 12 tenders, 6 have been awarded and the examination of the remaining 6 tenders submitted in the context of the tenders mentioned. It is our position that there is a clear attempt to intervene in public tenders and public procurement procedures by extending the license of the existing licensees in the year 2019, canceling any efforts of the Local Government authorities to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and protect equality and transparency. . Also, in case of the enactment of the intended amending legislation, the Municipality of Paralimni will be exposed to the bidders, simply because it implemented the legislation! ” Elsewhere in his letter he complains the following: “We consider it important to mention that on 5/5/2021, despite our protests, the Law on Beach Protection (Amendment) of 2021 was passed, which extended the validity of existing permits. provision of facilities until 31/12/2021. (& # 8230;) An attempt is now being made to follow the same practice & # 8230; ».

The Audit Office confirms

The Audit Office today on Twitter confirmed Mr. Pyrillis's allegations, saying that “in response to the invitation of the Mayor of Paralimni, we are of the opinion that the proposed legislation violates the principles of equal treatment and constitutes, in an unacceptable way, the direct award of public contracts. The final speech belongs to the sovereign Parliament and then to the PD “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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