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The members of the POED Executive Board are elected on Thursday

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    The members of the POED Executive Board are elected on Thursday – Tomorrow filing of mandate from the outgoing Board of Directors

    Tomorrow Thursday, in Chorikoitia, at the Oasis Center, from 9 am to 12.30 pm, the Electoral Council of POED, in which the newly elected 100 General Representatives will participate.

    < p>The mandate from the outgoing Board of Directors will be submitted to the Council and the members of the Organization's Executive Board of Directors will be elected for the four-year period 2024-2028.

    This will be followed by a presentation of the views of the Movements regarding the educational, professional, social and other issues that concern the teaching branch. In the next stage, the Regular Pancypriot Council of General Representatives will be appointed by the E.D.S., which will approve the Organization's Action Program for the four-year period.

    In her statements to the KYPE, the President of POED, Myria Vassiliou, said that tomorrow Thursday, at 09:00, the Electoral Pancypriot Council of General Representatives, the highest governing body of the organization, will be held and in the context of this assembly the collective bodies of the POED will be drawn up.

    He noted that the names of the 13-member Executive Board will be formalized, in which the four movements will be represented proportionally based on the results of the elections, as well as the establishment of the Provincial Committees of the Organization.

    Asked what issues the new Executive Board of Directors is called upon to manage and which is considered the hottest of the educational issues, the President of POED said that the new Executive Board of Directors is called upon to manage in the near future issues concerning the staffing of both the morning school and and the afternoon – optional all-day school.

    It is invited, Ms. continued. Vassiliou, to be alert and monitor the implementation of new educational policies, so that they are implemented on the basis of the positions of the Organization, as well as the agreed ones.

    “I am referring to the downward expansion of public compulsory pre-primary education, the completion of the expansion of the institution of the department in charge, the increase of the administrative time of the management team”, he added.

    In addition, said the President of POED, there are also many open issues, which need to be managed, in the context of the institutional dialogue that is expected to start.

    For example, he noted, the Legislation for the New Appointment System in order to correct distortions but also the need to maintain the list of appointees after 2027, the establishment of a working framework for substitute teachers, the management of the difficult daily life of school units and the the need to take additional measures regarding the increased incidents of delinquent behavior, the institutionalization of procedures regarding complaints against teachers, etc.

    The President of POED said, at the same time, that an issue of which will be of great concern to the Executive Board is the issue of installing air conditioners in all classrooms.

    “What is required is decent working and learning conditions for children, teachers and support staff. It is imperative to speed up the procedures so that this issue can be resolved as soon as possible”, he added.

    In response to a question, Ms. Vassiliou said that media representatives can cover the Assembly between 09:00 and 12:30 to get footage and statements, if and when they wish.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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