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The metropolitans of Limassol and Morphou are ready to break the law

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The metropolitans of Limassol and Morphou are ready to break the law

The metropolitans of Morphou and Limassol expressed their clear intention to violate the government decree that urges the faithful to stay away from the churches and the sacred sacraments.

The beginning was made by Morfou Neophytos who, in a letter to Pastors, Ecclesiastical Commissioners and Cantors of the Metropolitan Region of Morphou, invites them to continue the Sequences and services without hindrance.

This was followed by a speech by the Metropolitan of Limassol Athanasios at yesterday night's evening, during which he said that “the temples will remain open because they are the offices of God and the worship will not stop”. Did Metropolitan Athanasios also say that “we wanted the coronavirus to tell us that one day we will die”? “Since one day we will die where we will die, let us at least die honest with ourselves and pleasing before God.”

The processions are normal during Lent, says the Limassol Diocese

The holy services of the church that take place during Lent will continue to be sung normally, the Holy Diocese of Limassol said in a statement today, while during the Great Supper the Canon will be sung for any infectious disease.

Specifically, the Holy Diocese of Limassol announces that the holy services of our church that take place during Lent, (Great Supper, Greetings of the Virgin, Orthros, Hours, the Precedent Divine Liturgy, the Vespers of the Sabbath and the Sabbath Sunday) will continue to be sung normally in all temples.

During the Great Supper, it is added, the Canon of the Virgin Mary will be sung instead of the Canon for any infectious disease and you will also read a special wish for this purpose.

Also, every Thursday after the Great Supper service, in all the churches of Limassol, the sacrament of Saint Eucheleus will be performed.

In addition, the Holy Diocese of Limassol announces that the established speeches of Metropolitan Athanasios, on March 18 and 19, will not take place as well as the speeches after the Overnight Vespers.

Also all scheduled speeches and charitable teas of the parishes are suspended due to emergency preventive measures to deal with the coronavirus.

It is noted that the Holy Archdiocese called on citizens to stay out of churches until April 10.

Speaking to Alpha, Archbishop Chrysostom noted that it is the right of Metropolitan Morphou to make another decision and it is not a sin. He even noted that if the people listen to him then he orthophonizes, as he characteristically said. “Everyone takes their responsibilities. We have democracy, we can not force the other to do our will “. “A metropolitan is not a child to take him by the hand and turn him into an army.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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