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The Minister of Finance welcomed the vote on the budget

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The Minister of Finance welcomed the vote on the budget

The approval of the state budget by the Parliament was welcomed by the Minister of Finance Konstantinos Petridis, thanking the opposition parties that voted for him and saying that this development avoids national dangers. He added that this is the most social budget the state has ever seen.

In a statement to Parliament, he said “I want to welcome the vote on the budget and thank the parties, which despite being in opposition, have voted for the state budget, I want to thank EDEK, the Citizens' Alliance, ELAM, the “Solidarity, the Cooperation of Democratic Forces, parties that are in opposition but with the adoption of the budget lead to the avoidance of the country entering new adventures, to the avoidance of national dangers”.

Noting that the budget is both coherent and balanced, he said that “it has taken into account not only the policies of the parties I mentioned above, but broader claim policies, broader political demands.”

It is not, he continued, a neoliberal budget, “as some claim, on the contrary it is the most social this state has ever seen. It is the budget with the most expenditure in the field of health, it is the budget with the most social expenditure, which methodizes and tracks new social and other citizen-friendly policies and which practically supports the time of crisis, the time of need, the entrepreneur , the employee, the patient, the vulnerable groups ”.

Without the budget, he continued, “we would definitely go on adventures. We are in adventures due to the economic crisis, but now we have a great weapon to be able with a clear mind and to overcome this crisis, and to manage it better than other countries as we have done so far despite the problems we see around us every day but and to go with more confidence on the road to recovery “.

“I want to express my satisfaction again, we have a lot of work to do to overcome the crisis, we need a less toxic environment and more solidarity, more consensus and a sense of responsibility from all of us for the place”, the Minister concluded.

The state budget of 2021 was approved with 29 votes in favor and 26 against

Nikos Anastasiadis thanked parties for the vote on the state budget

Source: politis.com.cy

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