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The Ministry announced grants for the purchase of a body airbag for motorcyclists. Transportation

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The Ministry of Transport announced a Protective Equipment Grant Scheme for the purchase of a Motorcyclist's Body Air Bag, noting that the amount granted is up to €500. Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2023 at 12 noon and will be submitted online at www.motosafety.gov.cy.

As noted in a Ministry announcement, this is the second announcement of the sponsorship plan, which will last until 2024, with a total budget of €1,050,000 for the three years (€350,000 per year). During the announcement of 2022, it is stated that more than 1700 interested parties applied for the purchase of a Motorcyclist Airbag.

The amount subsidized, the Ministry explains, is €500 or the actual purchase cost of the vest, whichever is lower. It is clarified that the amount of the subsidy will be calculated based on the purchase price including VAT. It is also noted that the grant does not concern the purchase of services and the purchase cost does not cover subscriptions for the purchase of protective equipment or securing protective equipment through the leasing method.

According to the announcement, beneficiaries of the subsidy are all Cypriot and European citizens, as well as citizens of third countries, who reside permanently in the areas under the effective control of the Republic of Cyprus and hold a motor vehicle driving license of at least one of the categories A or A1 or A2, are registered in the Register of the Department of Road Transport, and are natural persons, holders of an active motorcycle license registered in their name.

For the application, interested parties should submit through the online platform www.motosafety.gov.cy their identity number, date of birth, vehicle registration number, mobile phone number and email address. It is reminded that those applicants who have been granted a grant by announcing the plan in 2022 will be hidden during the pre-approval process and will be informed electronically or by SMS message.

It is noted that the applications will be examined on the basis of the Plan's criteria and those that meet the conditions will be classified among the applications to be approved. It is clarified that in case the interest is greater than the predetermined number of applications, an electronic lottery will be held, and the applicants will be informed about the preliminary approval electronically (via email) or by text message (sms) or by post.

Applicants who receive pre-approval will be given a period of one month from the date of issuance of the pre-approval to submit supporting documents for the purchase of equipment and payment account details for payment of the sponsorship. Applicants who secure pre-approval, but do not make a purchase or submit the necessary information and documents within the specified time frames, will not receive the subsidy.

The conditions of the Scheme can be found on the website www.motosafety .gov.cy, while for more information and questions, before submitting an application, those interested can contact us by email at [email protected].

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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