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The Ministry is proceeding with arrangements for the working hours of those with many children. Work

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Planning by the Ministry of Labor is in the final stage, in relation to the provision of facilities and relief in the working hours of parents with many children.

As the Minister of Labor Yiannis Panagiotou stated after a meeting with the Pan-Cypriot Organization of Multiple Children, the state has the responsibility of supporting families with many children, especially in relation to the possibility it must provide so that parents with many children can participate in the productive process in from their work.

“That is why, in the meeting we had today with the World Organization of Multiple Children, among other things, we discussed the planning of the Ministry of Labour, which is in the final stage, in relation to the provision of facilities, relief in the working hours of parents with many children, so that they can meet their family obligations at the same time as meeting their professional obligations,” he said.

He expressed the view that within the next few weeks they will be able to announce and implement more detail this design.

In his statements, the President of the Cypriot Organization of Many Children (POP), Dinos Olympios, said that they brought to the attention of the Minister issues that plague families with many children, including the reconciliation of family and profession.

He welcomed the opinions expressed by the Minister and mentioned that they expect him to call them again soon to tell them the results of all this effort.

At the same time he mentioned that they also put some other requests of the organization to the Minister concerning the Ministry, such as the permits sick leave, vacation leaves and so on. He added that they have found a response and will discuss the matter further with ministry officials to find a final solution.

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