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The Ministry of Defense defends its actions regarding air conditioners – “For decades it was not a priority”

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<p data-block-key=The Ministry of Education, which defends the of his actions and noted that the issue in question had not been effectively promoted for decades, nor was it a priority.

As stated in a related announcement, “regarding the discussion that is being held on the subject of air conditioners in schools, we remind you that the Government, upon taking over the Presidency, proceeded for the first time with a comprehensive plan for the installation of air conditioners in all schools. For decades, this issue was not promoted effectively, nor was it a priority.”

The announcement indicates that the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) is working towards the implementation of the Government's decision, with full assurance of security issues (network, buildings, etc.). It is understood that problems are occurring in schools that have installed air conditioning systems in the past, without following the correct procedures. interval, the appropriate actions based on the legislation, in full compliance with the instructions of the Audit Service, as follows:

(a) selection by the School Ephories, on the basis of specific criteria, of the first 50 schools throughout Cyprus (ten per province in free Cyprus), in which the installation will take place

(b) preparation of a protocol – installation guide, under the supervision of the Technical Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

(c) tender announcement by the General Accounting Office of the Republic, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

(d) preparation of a three-year installation plan, with full costing (€45 million approximately). they can now, through a Dynamic Procurement System, entrust the supply and installation of air conditioners to the school units under their responsibility to the approved economic operators. At the same time, the Ministry of Education is promoting the three-year plan, which will be discussed with the School Ephorates, parents and teachers. It is recalled that at the same time the planning and implementation of energy upgrading of school units throughout Cyprus is progressing”, it is added.

Concluding, the Ministry of Education indicated that “the Government supports in practice every law request for the improvement of teaching and learning conditions and it is the first time that substantial actions are promoted, the results of which will be immediately apparent. It is important that the process is completed correctly and on the basis of all relevant regulations”.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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