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The Ministry of Education requests that the rights of the workers in the KIEs be guaranteed

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    The Ministry of Education requests to ensure the rights of employees in the KIEs – Examine the change in the way teachers are recruited

    The members of the Parliamentary Education Committee asked to ensure the rights of workers in the State Training Institutes (KIE) strong>, which discussed on Wednesday in relation to the change in the way teachers are recruited in the KIE and DRASE programs.

    In his statements after the end of the session of the Education Committee, its Deputy President, MP of DIKO, Chrysanthos Savvidis, referring to a decision of the Council of Ministers on the subject of the recruitment process in the KIEs, said that as DIKO “we will not accept in any way that the 226 people who work in the KIE”.

    “If even one worker loses his job, we will be against them”, he stressed. in January 2023, a decision was made to abolish the service market, which – as he said – “finds us in agreement and streamlines employment in the programs of the Ministry of Education”.

    “The practice of purchasing services, as it is still applied, concerns hundreds of graduates working in education, who should not be victimized under any circumstances,” he noted, while calling for consultation with the trade unions of those affected and for no one to be left without a job. .

    AKEL Member of Parliament, Christos Christofidis, said that ways must be found to ensure the labor rights of those employed by the Ministry of Education. “There are solutions,” he said, adding that there cannot be two types of employees within the school.

    Furthermore, he expressed the position that the institution of the All-Day School should be extended to Secondary Education as well. even one worker is left out of the settlement,” adding that “we can't just throw workers out on the street.”

    Consultation should continue with unions and teachers who have worked for so many years continue to offer their services, he pointed out.

    For his part, the President of OELMEK, Dimitris Taliadoros, expressed his satisfaction that DRASE will be included in the appointments made by the Education Service Committee (ESC). based on the lists of appointees and appointees.

    As he said, a serious issue arises for the KIEs, expressing his surprise that, while the Ministry of Education, the Government and the Parliament had agreed last year that the evening schools they would be included in the new appointment system of the EEY, however, in Secondary Education a completely different process is followed.

    “We expected the KIEs to evolve into All-Day Schools”, noted Mr. Taliadoros, adding that there is no political will to create the All-Day School. “The implementation of the pre-election commitments of the President of the Republic does not seem to be starting,” he continued.

    “We do not want specific people to be appointed or excluded. We ask for merit-based recruitment in these programs”, he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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