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The Ministry of Finance is asking for time to propose a law that lifts the ban on filling positions

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A representative of the Legal Service also asked for time to consider how the proposed law might affect the budget issue

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A proposal for a law submitted by DISY and DIKO to lift the ban on filling vacancies in the public service, when it comes to promotion or first appointment and promotion positions, was discussed by the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

During the discussion, representatives of the trade unions expressed their displeasure that the Ministry of Finance withdrew the relevant bill for the complete lifting of the ban on filling vacant positions in the public sector, for which there was an agreement under the previous Government.

The director of the Department of Public Administration and Personnel, Elena Azina, requested that the Ministry of Finance be given time to further consider the specific law proposal, after the withdrawal of the government bill.

A spokesman for the Legal Service also asked for time to consider how the bill might affect the budget issue.

On behalf of the Public Service Committee and the Education Service Committee, agreement was expressed with the goals of the bill. .

The General Secretary of PASYDY Stratis Matthaiou also expressed his agreement with the proposed law, noting that it should be passed immediately.

The General Secretary of OHO SEC Andreas Ilias expressed dissatisfaction, since as he said the Government withdrew from the agreement it signed with the trade unions and withdrew the relevant bill. He added that the law proposal is in the right direction, however with regard to some semi-state organizations that are in competitive conditions, such as EAC and Cyta, as well as the local government, which will be immediately called upon to implement the reform, the lifting of the ban will it must also apply to the positions of first appointment. He noted that these organizations need staff for their needs and it would not be right to fill them with fixed-term employees who will eventually become permanent.

The General Secretary of SIDIKEK-PEO Nikos Grigoriou also expressed surprise at the withdrawal of the bill by the Government, citing reasons of fiscal discipline. He added that withdrawing the bill would further deregulate industrial relations in the public sector and leave organizations understaffed. He also noted that the staffing of Cyta and the EAC, as well as the provincial organizations, is of particular importance, and requested that the above organizations be exempted from the ban on filling positions of first appointment.

The EEC also expressed the need to run quickly the procedures for filling positions especially in the municipalities.

DISY MP Onufrios Koullas called for the law proposal to go ahead and for the positions of first appointment to be negotiated between the Government and the trade unions, so that they too can proceed more quickly. He also noted that whatever is urgent, the Parliament can approve it on a Monday from the time it is tabled.

AKEL Member of Parliament Christos Christofidis said that if the Government wants to limit spending, it should limit the dozens of secondments and the creation of new false needs, so that the employees remain to work for the purposes for which they were hired. He also wondered why the Government withdrew from the agreement with the trade unions.

AKEL Member of Parliament Andreas Kavkalias stated that with the procedure that exists in the Finance Committee, the positions that need to be unfrozen cannot be adequately evaluated.


The President of the Committee, Christiana Erotokrinou, said that if everyone cooperates without a predisposition to conflict, the unfreezing of first appointment positions can be done better and sooner.

ELAM MP Sotiris Ioannou called on the Ministry of Finance to report whether the specific agreement it made with the trade unions continues to apply after the withdrawal of the bill. for a delicate situation, with the previous government making an agreement on the matter for the guilds, while the party that supported the government brought a law proposal. He also said that the same party was asking for the withdrawal of the bill brought by the new Government, which it did. He also stated that the proposal from the trade unions could be the best solution under the circumstances, while he asked to first examine whether the proposed law would be considered unconstitutional due to cost increases.

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