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The Ministry of Finance responds to the reactions to the 604 new teacher positions

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“They do not bring about an increase in total employment, since the number of temporary teaching staff currently serving will be correspondingly reduced”.

Στις αντιδρσεις γ&iota ;α τις 604 νεες θεσεις εκπαιδευτικν απανττο ΥΠΟΙΚ

The additional positions in the public service amount to 101, as the 604 new teaching positions do not result in an increase in total employment, since the number of temporary teaching staff serving today will be correspondingly reduced, reports the Ministry of Finance in response to statements about a large increase in the new positions that are created by the state budget of 2024.

In its post on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), the Ministry of Finance reiterates that the main objective of the Ministry of Finance is to ensure the sustainability of public finances and the observance of fiscal discipline while promoting, at the same time, those policies/regulations that contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the public sector and, in this case, the Education sector, with a positive impact on society and citizens.

In particular, the Ministry notes that in the context of the State Budget for 2024, the creation of a total of 921 additional positions and the abolition of a total of 216 positions is promoted, which implies a total increase of positions for the year 2024 compared to the year 2023 of 705 positions.

However, he adds, it is important to point out that out of the 705 positions, 604 positions concern the Education Sector, where it has become clear that the increasing employment of part-time teachers in school units in recent years negatively affects the implementation of educational policies as well as the orderly operation of the school units and, as a result, it was deemed necessary to create permanent organizational positions, in order to reduce the number of temporary teaching staff, thus maintaining overall employment in the public sector.

It also clarifies that the 2024 Budget bill, which was submitted to the House of Representatives on 4/10/2023 following the relevant approval of the Council of Ministers, included the creation of a total of 241 additional positions and the abolition of a total of 189 positions.

“Consequently the total increase of positions in the State Budget for the year 2024 would be 52 compared to the year 2023”, it states.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the subsequent necessary amendments to the 2024 Budget Bill, which were also approved by the Cabinet and subsequently tabled in the House of Representatives, included the creation of 680 additional permanent staff. of positions, of which 604 concern positions of Teachers in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

The remaining positions created in the context of the Amendments to the Budget Bill for 2024, it is reported, excluding Teachers, total to 76, while at the same time a total of 27 positions are abolished.

“Based on the above, the final total increase in positions amounts to 101 additional positions, of which a large number (32) concern the Asylum Service for strengthening the management of the increased migration flows, and in the Department of Prisons (50) due to the increase in their capacity”, continues the Ministry of Finance.

As regards the creation of 604 positions in the Education Sector, the Ministry notes that these do not bring about an increase in the total employment of personnel in the public sector nor a significant burden on the state budget, given that filling the additional permanent positions will correspondingly reduce the number of temporary teaching staff currently serving.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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