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The Ministry of Health announced four deaths and over 3,500 cases

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ΑνακοΙνωσε τΕ&sigma ;σερις θανατους και πανω απo 3,500 κρο&sigma ;ματα το ΥπουργεΙο ΥγεΙας

Four deaths and 3,598 new cases of coronavirus announced by the Ministry of Health for the period December 30, 2022 – January 5, 2023. Patients in hospitals amount to 90 and 5.81% formed the positivity index.

The deaths concern 3 men and one woman aged between 85 and 93.

The total number of deaths with the final cause of the disease COVID-19 amounts to 1,262 and the number of cases to 634,709.

The Ministry announced that 90 COVID-19 patients are being treated in OKYPY hospitals, 12 are in serious condition condition (ICU: 0 off ventilator/5 intubated, MAF: 7) and at the same time 3 patients who have ceased to be infectious continue to be hospitalized intubated due to COVID, in an Intensive Care Unit.

A total of 61,914 diagnostic tests were performed.

From the 2,054 molecular tests, 256 positive cases emerged (12.46% positivity rate). The total number of rapid antigen detection tests (Rapid Test) was 59,860 and there were 3,342 positive cases (Positivity rate 5.58%).

Through a private initiative, 1,361 molecular tests were carried out, 148 positive cases were identified (positivity rate 10.87%) and 38,257 rapid antigen detection tests and 3,118 positive cases were detected (positivity rate 8.15%).

Through the programs of the Ministry of Health, 21,603 rapid antigen detection tests were performed. 224 positive cases were identified. At the sampling points, 14,864 rapid antigen detection tests were performed, 172 positive cases were detected (1.16% positive rate).

Also in nursing homes, 5,358 rapid antigen detection tests were performed, 50 positive cases were detected (positivity rate 0.93%) and in closed structures  1,381 rapid antigen detection tests were performed, 2 new cases were detected (positivity rate 0.14%).

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