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The Ministry of the Interior accuses AKEL of hypocrisy in the issue of the teacher infinitive

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Today's positions of AKEL regarding the working status of permanent teachers reveal hypocrisy, stated the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromos.


In his written statement, Mr. Prodromou states that for the issue that directly concerns the many prospective teachers who are included in the lists of appointments (“appointees” and “appointables”), any vesting of “employment” rights is not offered as a solution for an indefinite period of time». Regardless of whether this should be done as a follow-up to any court decisions, he notes, a permanent, lasting solution is needed.

He adds that the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) is thoroughly examining this issue – which has large dimensions – to provide solutions that will serve the well-intentioned interests of education and professionally secure teachers. The proposed solutions, he says, will be announced soon.

At the same time, he wonders whether AKEL's attitude is sincere or whether it is an opportunistic populist position.

"If his attitude was sincere, then why was AKEL the only political party that reacted strongly when, in a case two months ago, at the beginning of the school year, the Ministry of the Interior replaced service purchase contracts with teacher appointments? Why did AKEL react then, defending the services market! This showed how hypocritical their attitude is”, says the Minister.

He reminds at the same time that the large number of contracts for the purchase of services, which arose together with the need for rapid and flexible development of new programs of the Ministry, has its origins in those “stone years”, when AKEL's policies applied in governance had led the state coffers may not even have the funds available to pay the salaries of civil servants for more than a couple of months.

«In any case, the Ministry of the Interior is currently working on ways to replace the temporary securing of services and the creation of “indefinite time'' relationships, with regular recruitment procedures, he says.

The Minister admits that for reasons of rapid and flexible development of new programs in recent years there has been a significant number of contracts for the purchase of services at the Ministry of the Interior. He mentions, however, that AKEL is the last one that can speak about such issues. "Because for the plans for the purchase of services concerning the Ministry of the Interior, it is known that the whole issue is being considered and comprehensive solutions will be provided", he says.

  Mr. Prodromou criticizes AKEL that with his current position,  refers to unconstitutional attempts to make executive decisions from the House, engages in an attempt to "sell hope" on the basis of "indefinite employment" and to those who have a relationship of purchasing services with the State and it works against the President of the Republic.

«He harms the President of the Republic and the Government for referring legislation to the Supreme Court regarding the impermissible intervention of the Parliament in matters that concern permanent employees. But why does he not expect to see the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court and bases his claims on his own verdicts?», he says.

He wonders whether AKEL means that the President of the Republic should be indifferent in case either unconstitutional provisions or regulations are passed through which the separation of powers is abolished and to what extent is this the arrangement they have made with the candidate President they support in the upcoming elections, that is to say, to be indifferent to unconstitutional legislative proposals which AKEL will support vote-hunting.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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