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“The Ministry of the Interior has the same concern and care as parents for the careers of young people”

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«Το ΥΠΑΝ Εχει &tau ;ην Ιδια Εγνοια και φροντΙδα με το&upsilon ;ς γονελς για τη σταδιοδρομλα τω&nu ; νeων»

A “significant project” has been launched to match curricula in higher and secondary education with current and future labor market data, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromos within the framework of the action, “Career 2023: Meet the Professions, Plan the Future”, held on Saturday in Nicosia.  

In his greeting at the event, and in his later statements to the media, Mr. Prodromou referred to an “important project”, included in the national recovery plan, 'Cyprus – Tomorrow', to match study programs to tertiary , but also secondary education with today's and tomorrow's labor market data.

“We have started a research, starting from the study of the path of the graduates, but also collaborating with other agencies, in order to determine more precisely, what are the needs out there in society, in the labor market, not only today and tomorrow, and after 10 years, so that both higher education institutions and schools can adapt better, adapt the programs and what they emphasize depending on how the world and the labor market evolves”, said the Minister.

Referring to the career day, which was co-organized by the Counseling and Vocational Training Service of the Directorate of Secondary General Education of the Ministry of Education and the All Cyprus Confederation of Federations of Associations of Parents of Public Secondary Schools, Mr. Prodromou said that “the primary purpose and goal of the school is to create complete personalities, young people who have all the necessary knowledge, skills, knowledge of language, linguistics, mathematical calculation, to be introduced to the sciences, so that they can then cope in society in a competitive world”.< /p>

But at the same time, he added, they prepare young people for continuing their studies at a higher level, or for continuing life in active society and in the professional arena.

He noted that his Ministry has “the same concern and care” as parents to help young people from their studies, even in schools, for their careers. He added that through “Careers 2023”, parents, students and students are given the opportunity to be informed, but also to see new, interesting sectors, such as shipping “which is flourishing in Cyprus, tourism professions which are always very important dimension in the Cypriot economy, so that the children can be oriented freely, in time, correctly”.

Immense prospects for employment in shipping

The Deputy Minister of Shipping, Vassilis Dimitriadis, also addressed the meeting, who mentioned, among other things, that in the last 10 years the number of shipping companies based in Cyprus has tripled.

Recently, with the Ministry of Education, he said, have formulated some strategies and campaigns to give children the opportunity to learn about shipping “and to love and appreciate the offer of this industry to Cyprus and the huge prospects for employment, both on land and at sea” .

Mr. Dimitriadis also said that shipping has a multidimensional character, and expressed the belief that, in the coming years, young people whatever they study, whether law, mathematics, economics, marine engineering, or choose merchant marine academies, ” they can join the great shipping family of Cyprus with very high salaries, and have a successful career”.

Bridges are being built between school and the labor market

In his own greeting, the Citizen's Commissioner, Panagiotis Sentonas, said that this specific event “gives added value” to young people's search for their own path in the transition from education to employment and urged all students to take advantage of such opportunities, in order to get the information they need “to shape their own path in the world”.

Charalambos Dionysiou, President of the All-Cyprus Confederation of Public Secondary School Parents' Associations, said that such events help ensure that students get the resources and information to choose what is best for them for their future. “A right choice for the children for their own future means a right choice for the future of our country,” he said.

The head of the Counseling and Vocational Education Service, Irini Rodosthenous, noted that the role of the counseling and vocational education teacher is being strengthened, while the aim of this action was to build bridges between the school and the labor market, to connect Cypriot youth with the business and professional world of the country, and to give the opportunity to young people to be informed authoritatively by professionals about various professions.

The president of the Cypriot Student Coordinating Committee (PSEM), Alexandros Pachitis, also addressed the event, who   noted that the issue of professional career concerns all students. He said that students are an integral part of the modern school, which gives them the right to have a say in all matters concerning the educational system.

At the event, representatives of a large number of professional groups, such as shipping, medicine, nursing, law, IT, veterinary medicine, journalism, occupational therapy, tourism, engineering, graphic arts, dentistry, geology, from the Police, the Cyprus Army Officers, the Institute of Neurology and Genetics, and others, gave information to parents and students about the field them, while lectures were also held.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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