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The Ministry of the Interior is positioned for the doctors' strike – “Strikes cannot be the solution”

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<p data-block-key=The strike mobilizations cannot and should not be either the solution or the answer to the problems, the Ministry of Finance states in a statement, on the occasion of the declared strike of OKYpY doctors. In addition, it requests that any employee requests fall within the financial capabilities of OKYpY.

"The Ministry of Finance wishes to express its full support to “efforts of the Administration of the Ministry of Health, to improve and upgrade public health services”, is stated in a post by the Ministry in X on Saturday.

As stated, the Ministry recognizes the need for continuous development and adaptation of health services to modern requirements and considers it necessary to continue the dialogue between all parties involved, to find compromise solutions that will focus on better patient service.

“The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that any requests made by the employees should be within the financial capabilities of the Organization”, so that, as it says, “the ability of OKYpY to provide high-level services in a competitive environment” is not undermined. .

Furthermore, it states that any strike mobilizations "cannot and should not constitute neither the solution nor the answer to the problems". On the contrary, he emphasizes that such actions, "in addition to the suffering of the patients, create a climate of confrontation, which makes it difficult to find mutual understanding and common understanding to solve the issues".

Finally, the Ministry of Finance invites the trade unions to participate constructively in the dialogue, with the aim of finding mutually beneficial solutions that will ensure the smooth operation of health services. “Ensuring public health is a priority for the Government and the Ministry of Finance is ready to support any initiative that promotes this purpose,” he concludes.

Source: KYPE

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