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The Ministry returns. Education for the eight-year-old-“There is no exclusion”

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It continues the conflict that has erupted with KYSOA, against the background of the case of eight-year-old Anna-Maria, who has been living at home for two weeks, after the decision to refer her to the Special Unit, the Ministry of Education, which responds to regarding the exclusion of the student. In fact, the Ministry of Education seems to blame the eight-year-old's parents, since it is their own choice that they do not want to accept, as it states, the decision of the relevant Central Committee.

As stated in a new announcement, regarding repeated public interventions by the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Organizations (CYSOA) concerning the case of a primary school student with a disability, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) is forced to come back and clarify some things.

The Ministry of Education emphasizes that in this particular case there is no “exclusion” of the student from school. If the student does not attend school, it is because her parents do not want to accept the decision of the competent Central Committee based on the existing legislation and they continue to keep the child away from the school environment, violating the compulsory education law.

“For this case, the Ministry has followed all the prescribed procedures, ensuring that the student's ability to attend school is ensured. In particular, the decisions of the Provincial Committee were followed and a re-evaluation of the student was arranged by a multidisciplinary team, while all the objections filed by the parents were properly examined.

The Ministry notes, at the same time, that the latest decision of the Central Committee provides for the student's studies. However, what happens is that, with the exception of some events (excursions, visits), parents keep the child away from school by sticking to their own point of view.

“However, we regret to note some unsubstantiated claims by KYSOA. Indeed, the incomprehensible persistent position of KYSOA that there was no re-evaluation of the data concerning this particular case is inaccurate and wrong”.

The Ministry, the announcement continues, can only act on the basis of the legislation and the regulations in force and to apply all that is provided. It is, of course, the right of anyone to have a different opinion, but some cannot insist that their opinion be imposed, contrary to the current legislation.

“We cannot understand what makes KYSOA or some parents to believe that their own opinion is above laws and regulations. On the occasion of this event, it is recalled that approximately 14 thousand special education children are currently included in the country's education system and the state and the Ministry ensure that they meet their right to study and what is provided by the relevant legislation. A few cases that see the light of day every now and then and usually involve a disagreement between the parents, cannot change this image”, concludes the announcement of the Ministry.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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