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The MOEs are put in the freezer because of Ukrainian

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The international climate due to the developments in Ukraine, due to the Russian invasion, leaves many international issues, such as the Cyprus issue, off the agenda. That is why Nicosia decided to put in the freezer its effort to promote confidence-building measures. The Foreign Minister realizes that at this stage none of the players who could help in the promotion of MOE are able to deal with the Cyprus issue, as their attention is focused on the Ukrainian. & Nbsp;

The effort to promote the MOE was already difficult as the Turkish side from the beginning moved negatively, before the measures were officially put on the table for discussion. To this was added the war in Ukraine, forcing everyone to look in that direction. Even Nicosia turned its attention to Ukraine and the effects of the war. & Nbsp;

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis, stated to KYPE that the promotion of the MOE is postponed to a later stage. Asked how the latest developments in Ukraine affect the Nicosia package of measures for MOE, he noted that “it is obvious that those who were expected to be activated to promote confidence-building measures due to the war in Ukraine are taking action to promote MOE for later stage “. & Nbsp;


” MOE promotion at a later stage due to Ukraine “ ” Vaccination »MOE with new ideas to entice Ankara

One of the side effects of the war in Ukraine remains any attempt by Turkey to exploit developments for the benefit of the occupying regime. A fact that forces Nicosia to constantly and in every direction raise the non-compliance of Turkey in the decisions for sanctions against Russia. “At every meeting of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council, we have warned of the possibility that Turkey will not comply with the sanctions, which is due to NATO as a candidate for EU membership. We have denounced this stance in the United States. “The United Kingdom and France, as well as to High Representative Borrell in a recent letter to him,” said Mr Kasoulides, on the issue of sanctions against Russia.

Regarding the role of mediator that Ankara claims in the Ukrainian, Mr. Kasoulides said that the geostrategic role of Turkey has always been important due to its geographical position, its size, but also the role it seeks to play at regional and international level. . “But I do not think that the role she is claiming at the moment in the Ukrainian gives her additional value,” he noted.

Regarding the impact of developments in the energy sector, the Foreign Minister referred to the statements made at the informal Summit in Versailles, chaired by Emanuel Macron, and noted that although the EU recognizes the need for its energy independence from the Russian , intention is not currently to discontinue this purchase. This, he added, stems from the fact that the quantities Europe needs are far greater than its existing needs. “Therefore, energy dependence through and the use of renewable energy sources is expected to be achieved by 2027,” he said.

Asked to make an assessment of the recent visit of the President of Israel to Turkey, I. Kasoulidis stated that relations with Cyprus will not be affected. “I do not think the political balance will change. “If you look at the Turkish press, you will see the well-known political excesses, while on the other hand, the Israeli press is more restrained, expressing a more cautious approach in relation to the developments,” he said.

He also expressed the belief that “the friendship ties we have developed with Israel, both bilaterally and in the context of our multilateral cooperation with Greece and the US in the 3 + 1 format, are sincere, based on principles and have lead to the consolidation of mutually beneficial cooperation. “

” This, after all, is something that Israeli government officials have made public. “Therefore, I do not think our relations will be affected,” he said. “Besides, as I have said many times, the relations between the states do not depend on nor should they be governed by the principle of zero sum,” the minister concluded.

Calls for end to blockade

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus demands the immediate end of the blockade of Mariupol in Ukraine, in a statement issued yesterday. In its statement, the Foreign Minister expresses great concern over the blockade of Mariupol by the Russian forces and the cutting of the city from water, electricity and food supplies.

In addition, he calls for an immediate end to the blockade for humanitarian reasons. , in order to avoid further complications that endanger the lives of its inhabitants. “We call for and look forward to the creation and maintenance of humanitarian corridors, so that there can be a safe and smooth evacuation of the civilian population,” it said.

extends throughout the country. However, the presence of thousands of expatriates and civilians in Mariupol is normal to gather our special interest, the announcement concludes.

Source: www.philenews.com

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