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The Municipalities of Pegeia and P. Chrysochous disagree with the arguments for the revocation of the Law by President Anastasiadis

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On the occasion of the return by the President of the Republic of the passed Law, which concerns the creation of the new Municipalities of Akama and Polis, the Mayors of Polis Chrysochous and Pegeia sent today a joint letter to the President of the Republic and the President and Members of the Parliamentary Committee They express their strong dissatisfaction, frustration and disagreement with this development, which & # 8220; essentially cancels the whole project of the Local Government reform, which aims at creating administrative entities capable of coping with the and commitments under the reform & # 8221 ;.

According to an announcement by the Municipalities of Paphos and Pegeia in their letter, they note that they disagree with the arguments for the revocation of the Law, which they consider unfounded for various reasons.

As mentioned, initially, they disagree with the argument that their Municipalities have little in common (physically, socially and economically) with the Akamas communities and therefore different needs, as well as development prospects. As Municipalities, the two Mayors “who border on the communities of Akamas, and know more than any other our characteristics and needs, confirm that these are communities that have the same characteristics (natural, social and economic), which can become more prominent through the unification of all neighboring communities with our Municipalities “.

Undoubtedly, all the communities of Akamas and the wider area of ​​Polis Chrysochous are in decline, while on the contrary the Municipalities of Polis Chrysochous and Pegeia are prosperous, they note, they are on a development trajectory, they are staffed with the necessary staff and provide all necessary services to them. their citizens.

Therefore, they can and have the administrative and financial competence to help the communities as much as possible to cope in various areas, which implies the prosperity of the communities and consequently the improvement of the living standard of the inhabitants. The integration of the communities in the Municipalities of Pegeia and Polis Chrysochous will not cause serious administrative, practical, urban, social, economic and operational problems in the future development of the communities, nor will it intensify, they note, the phenomenon of astyphilia, as mentioned in its reasons. Law, but on the contrary the unification of the communities, which as mentioned before, are gradually disappearing will lead to the improvement of the standard of living and through the consequent prosperity and development of the new Municipalities, will be an incentive for the inhabitants to remain in their communities.

At the same time, regarding the argument for the Akama Local Plan under preparation, they emphasize that in the Report of the preparation of the Local Plan of Pegeia, it is noted that the whole process of its preparation is promoted as to the necessity of managing the Akamas Peninsula, imposed by relevant decisions of the Council of Ministers. which falls within the administrative area of ​​the Municipality of Pegeia and despite the existence of different needs and perspectives, presented by the Municipality of Pegeia with the other communities of the Akamas Peninsula, it was deemed appropriate to prepare two separate Local Plans, however the provisions of the two plans, areas related to the protection, management and promotion of natural wealth are in complete harmony and relevance.

It is also noted in the mentioned Report that within the study area are included two of the three state forests, which constitute the Akamas Peninsula, the Pegeia Forest and the Akamas Forest. At this point they note that in the Local Plan of the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous are included communities with different characteristics, but this fact does not act as a deterrent to the development and prosperity of the Municipality. In a similar way, the communities of Akamas can coexist harmoniously with the Municipality of Pegeia. Concluding, for all the above mentioned reasons, they disagree with the referral of the relevant Law and re-formulate the position of their Municipalities, as they add, for the implementation of the already voted Law for the creation of Akama Municipality and Polis Chrysochous Municipality, so that the Municipalities of Polis and Pegeia with the unification of neighboring communities to become administrative entities capable of coping with the increased responsibilities, powers and obligations in the context of the reform, operating effectively for the benefit of society and citizens.

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