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The new Board of Directors of the Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists

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What actions and goals for 2024

Το νεο ΔΣ του Συνδεσμου Συγγρ αφΕων και ΔημοσιογρΑφων Τουρι&sigma μού

One of the issues that concern the Association is finding housing.

The General Assembly of the Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists took place on Thursday, March 28. In the framework of the meeting, the process of appointing the new members of the Board of Directors of the Association for the next three years was carried out.

The new board of directors is made up of:

– Giorgos Michaelidis >- Efthyvoulo Efthyvoulou
– Maria Pahiti
– Miki Kasapi
– Persa Andreou
– Skevi Konstantinou
– Phoevo Nikolaidis

As the association's president Foivos Nicolaidis mentioned in his speech, one of the issues that concern the Association is finding housing. There had been an attempt to grant the Association an old residence in Nicosia which did not work out, while an old residence option was offered by the Municipality of Lefkara which was deemed unprofitable. The actions of the association for 2024 include the organization for the 3rd consecutive year and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the student competition “Pausanias the traveler” among high school students on tourism and travel issues. The aim of the competition is to stimulate the interest of young students in the idea of ​​tourism as a means of attracting travelers and developing the community they live in.

In addition, this year, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion and with the aim of preserving historical memory and creating interest among students for knowledge of the struggles and achievements made, for development and progress in tourism until 1974, was organized the 3rd Student Competition on the theme: “The tourism development of the provinces of Famagusta & Kyrenia from 1960 to 1974”, in which the Famagusta District High Schools: Paralimniou, Deryneia-Sotiras & Kokkinohoria. The presentation of the works and the awarding of the students will take place at the Ayia Napa Town Hall on April 26, 2024.

International Awards

Mr. Nikolaidis stated that special importance is given to relations with the World Organization of Journalists & of Tourism Writers (FIJET), while a major goal of the association remains the organization of the General Assembly of the World Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers (FIJET) in 2025 in Cyprus. It is noted that the first and last time a general assembly of FIJET was held in Cyprus was in 1984. Regarding the possibility of organizing it again in 2025, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism was interested in the case and is positive about this idea.

< p>It is noted that the association was founded in 1978 on the initiative of the first president of CTO Savvas Patsalidis and founding members journalists and writers with a special interest in travel issues and the tourism sector in general. Since 1990 the link has been inactive until it was reactivated in 2021.

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