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The new electronic system of the Taxation Department is installed

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The new electronic system of the Taxation Department is installed

The installation of the new electronic Unified Tax Management System, with a total cost of € 24,562,000, by the consortium Data Torque Limited and Net U Consultants, with which the Government had concluded a contract on October 5, 2020, has begun in the Tax Department.

In statements to KYPE, Assistant Tax Officer Natasa Akkidou said that the implementation of the entire project will be done within three years and “gradually, per year, and per type of tax.”

“It is estimated that within the next year some functions of the new system will be given to the public,” he added.

Today, according to Ms. Akkidou, “we are at the stage where the installation of the system has begun and at the same time a study is being done in relation to the details of various issues”.

He also stated that until the implementation of the new system, the Tax Department has proceeded with intermediate solutions, so that it can serve the public due to the coronavirus pandemic and noted that “several services of the Department are provided electronically until we have the complete solution.” .

System benefits

Referring to the benefits of the new system, the Assistant Tax Officer said that the new electronic system, when completed, will replace all existing systems and electronic applications available to the Department for communication with taxpayers, such as, between among others, TAXISnet, the tax gateway and part of the government's “Ariadne” online security gateway, used for overdue debts.

“Today, all these electronic systems are fragmented into different systems and it is difficult for the taxpayer,” he said, explaining that with the new system, “the taxpayer will have all the information and all the tools in one system.”

Certainly, stressed Ms. Akkidou, “there will be many more tools so that the taxpayer can communicate with the Department and process all their transactions electronically.”

Regarding the facility offered by the new system to the staff, Ms. Akkidou told KYPE that “the new system will give us a unified picture of the taxpayer, will simplify and automate the procedures of the Tax Department, while we can have the possibility of more data analysis and at the same time to have information, more easily, from other systems “.

In addition, Ms. Akkidou said that the goal of the Tax Department is “to expand the interfaces with other systems in order to facilitate the exchange of information where it is needed to facilitate the citizen.”

“Online services will be much more and at the same time transparency will be enhanced,” he noted.

Also, the Assistant Tax Officer said that the Department will provide continuous information to the public in relation to the implementation of the project to smooth the transition to the new electronic system.

Serving the public in the midst of a pandemic

Regarding the service of the public in the midst of a pandemic, Ms. Akkidou said that “most of the services of the Department are also provided electronically”.

He also mentioned that in the past some forms that the public should have submitted to the offices of the Department have been given an e-mail address to be sent and added that after the employee of the Department has completed the forms he will contact the taxpayer by phone or for an appointment if any need either to receive his documents ready.

Finally, regarding the payments, the Assistant Tax Officer told KYPE that despite the fact that “electronic payment from the public has increased, there are many who want to go to the cash desks of the Department for payments despite the fact that the funds have been closed. ».

He stated that “all payments are available electronically and the public can pay their debts and self-taxes electronically”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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