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The new incentives for hiring vulnerable people are more attractive

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The new incentives for hiring vulnerable people are more attractive

Adamos Adamou

Significant improvements were made to the two new incentive schemes aimed at facilitating the integration of vulnerable groups into the labor market, with the former aiming at employing people with disabilities and the latter at recruiting people with chronic illnesses.

The applications for the two projects, with a budget of two million euros for each project, have been running since last month, while only last week both the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Organizations (KYSOA) and the Federation of Cyprus Patients' Associations (OSAK) recorded in announcements the improvements made to the new incentives compared to those of the past, in an attempt rather to stimulate interest in them.

In a statement, KYSOA informs that there was a recent meeting of its delegation with the directors of the Department of Labor and Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities, of the Ministry of Labor, where a wide exchange of views took place on the provisions of the new incentive plan for recruitment. disabilities and informs that it agreed with the Ministry of Labor to carry out joint actions to inform employers about the new plan. During the meeting, the members of the KYSOA delegation expressed satisfaction with the upgrade of the project, with the summary, as mentioned, in this provision for funding of € 52 per working day, for a period of 24 months and a maximum possible grant of up to € 22,360 for the two years of employment, regardless of the actual salary costs borne by the employer / beneficiary, instead of 75% of the salary costs with a maximum of € 20,000, provided by the previous plans.

“This upgrade makes the plan attractive to employers and is expected to further facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities themselves in the open labor market and increase their employability,” KYSOA notes.

Last week, the OSAK expressed satisfaction with the re-announcement of the incentive plan for the recruitment of people with chronic diseases, describing the plan that is being implemented with its own proposal as “an extremely successful program”. According to OSAK, so far a total of 231 people with chronic diseases have been employed through the two previous programs, while through the first plan, out of 105 people, 75 have been employed permanently. The incentives of both projects offered to subsidized employers – almost full coverage of wage costs for two years – are the same.

– Details for the two projects for which applications will be accepted until the relevant funds are exhausted are available on the website of the Department of Labor (http://www.mlsi.gov.cy/dl) and on the website of DG EPSA (http: / /www.structuralfunds.org.cy).

Source: www.philenews.com

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