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The new president of the EBE Larnaca and the last speech of the outgoing one

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Mr. Stavros Stavrou will run for the position of the president of the KBE

Ο νΕος προεδρος του ΕΒΕ Λαρν ακας και η τελευταλα ομιλλα του α περχoμενου

The 61st General Assembly of the Emporikos & Chamber of Industry of Larnaca in the presence of many businessmen and officials.

In the context of the assembly, the new Board of Directors of EBE Larnaca for the year 2023-2026 was established, which consists of the following:

Dr. Nakis Antoniou President

“The issue with the File on halloumi and quotas must be closed soon as it is a wound that does not heal and only causes negative effects”.

Stavros Stavrou Former President

Evangelos Mouskos Vice President of Commerce

Giorgos Petrou Vice President of Industry

Floros Voniatis Vice President of Services

Loukas Loukas Vice President of Tourism

Lazaros X'Forados Vice President of Finance

Giorgos Katodrytis Honorary Secretary

Maria Miliotou Member

Zinonas Apostolou Member

Sara Gunnervik Member

Antonis Orthodoxou Member

Vera Dianellou Member

Theodoros Efthymiou Member

Andreas Stavrou Member

Giorgos Hassapis Member

Nicolas Kyriakidis Member

Dimitris Miskouridis Member

Christos Skordellis Member

Valentinos Sotiriou Member

Giorgos Dimitriou Member

The Minister of Labor and Social Insurance Mr. Yiannis Panagiotou, on behalf of the President of KEBE Mr. Christodoulos Agastiniotis, the Vice President of Commerce of the KEBE, Mr. Othonas Theodoulou and the Mayor of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Vyras.

The General Assembly was also graced by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr. Alexis Vafeadis, the Bishop of Mesaoria Mr. Grigorios, the Prefect of Larnaca, the President of ETAP Larnaca Mr. Dinos Lefkaritis, the Mayors of Larnaca, Aradippou and Athianou, community leaders, deputies of Larnaca and Famagusta, Presidents and officials of other local chambers and Businessmen-Members of EBEL, and officials of the City.

The speech of the outgoing president

The assembly concluded with the speech of the President, Mr. Stavros Stavros, which was also the last as President of EVEL after a presence of six years at the helm of the Chamber. Mr. Stavrou gave an extensive report on what has happened and is taking place in the City and Province of Larnaca and in particular the implementation of the three biggest projects that Larnaca has had on its agenda over time, such as the removal of oil tanks and gas facilities in combination with the lifting of the SEVESO Directive, the construction of the Larnaca-Dekelia road which is in the process of being implemented, and the development of the Marina Port which is on the right track and progressing despite the various variables and not unjustified difficulties. Also, Mr. Stavrou gave special mention to the implementation of state-of-the-art infrastructure by private funds from the model consortium (Petrolina, EKO, Intergaz and Synergaz) in the Vasilikou Region.

At the same time, Mr. Stavrou referred to the positive as in the problems of the business world but also the issues that should be found immediate solutions.

On the positive side is the greatly enriched portfolio of the hotel industry of the city and the province which is being upgraded through the under construction and planned developments for the next three years in which they exceed 3000 beds, while several of the new units will carry the brand of well-known international hotel giants. Also, on the positive side are the projects from the municipality's side which are expected and in which there is the expectation for the regeneration of the “withered” shopping center of the city. He also made special reference to the remarkable work carried out by the Center of Excellence for Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation and Technology (CMMI).

On the negative side, the President of EVEL made a notable reference to the finding of specialized staff and the general lack of staff. He also referred to the increase in lending rates, but also to the big problem that the Green Line creates in the Trade and Industry sectors. At the same time, he emphasized the serious negative effects arising from the Public Administration and the delay in the green transition as, in combination with increases in oil, they bring successive increases in the cost of energy.

Mr. Stavrou made a special note on Halloumi as he mentioned with data that it is the largest export product of the province and that the issue with the File and the quotas must be closed soon as it is a wound that does not heal and which current situation only has negative effects brings about.

Closing, Mr. Stavrou mentioned that he was honored to have been a part of the history of EBEL until now, but he also feels the obligation that everyone together with more dynamics support the positions for the development of entrepreneurship and of the progress of both Larnaca and Cyprus. For this reason and as it is very well known to everyone, as he continued, he will claim the position of the President of the KEBE. A position from which he strongly believes that he has a lot to offer for business and society as he believes that the next three years will be a critical period for the entire spectrum of the economy and society.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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