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The new trade union meeting for the low-paid in the public sector was without result

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The guilds are not currently considering taking steps to give space and time to dialogue

ΧωρΙς αποτΕλεσμα η νΕα σΙσ&kappa ;εψη συντεχνιoν για τους χαμηλo&mu ;ισθους στο δημoσιο

Photo by Filippo Christou.

The OHO-SEK, SIDIKEK-PEO and PASYDY trade unions held a new meeting on Wednesday afternoon on the issue of the advancement of low-wage employees in the Public and Greater Public Sector, but without any result.

According to information received by KYPE from the trade union side, the trade unions are constantly considering new proposals to solve the problem and consultations are held with the Government, which, however, seems to stick to its position.

The trade unions appear determined to exhaust all the institutional and temporal margins to reach an agreement, stressing the need to include the agreement in the 2024 budget that is expected to be voted by the Parliament on December 20.

A thorn remains the non-counting of the entire of service of employees who served in the A1-A2-A5 scale, in the 18 years required for their accelerated promotion, based on the agreement of October 31.

The unions are not currently considering taking action by giving space and time for dialogue. Any measures will be examined, as mentioned in the KYPE, depending on the developments.

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