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The new, wonderful advertising campaign of Christi Charalambidis

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“Every day is wonderful, with our best!”

Η νέα, υπέροχη διαφημιστι&kappa ;or καμπανια της Χαραλαμπλδης Κρλσ τη&sigmaf?

The new campaign of Kristis Charalambidis premiered with an exclusive display on the company's social media on Easter Sunday and then on our screens as well as in all other media, on April 17.

The campaign overflows with optimism, warm human relationships, and reminds us that… “every day is wonderful, when you give your best“, thus condensing the entire corporate philosophy of Charalambidis Christi, a timeless dedication to offering “our best”.

Filmed in beautiful locations of Cyprus, with nature underlining the company's values, it passes through the model and animal welfare certified farms of Charalambidis Christi, transporting us to a world of care and love. The world of the Cypriot Family where Christis Charalambidis is there every day and at every moment. Because all its products, fresh milk, milk, strangato yogurt, Pissurkotiko sheep yogurt, traditional Pissoorkotiko halloumi are integral parts of the daily life of the protagonists, they all symbolize the mood and the desire for every day to be wonderful.”

Through the highly aesthetic production, viewers perceive Charalambidis Christi's unbreakable ties with society, the company's sensitivity for the environment, family, society and the dominant sense of responsibility that characterizes it. A responsibility that is always expressed through the high nutritional value of its products. Charalambidis Christi's van also plays a leading role, symbolizing the company's leading distribution network, which every day covers the needs of its consumers throughout Cyprus through 3,200 sales points.

Young and old will experience the “wonderful day” at every reference point of their daily journey, since Charalambidis Christi's new campaign is based on an omnichannel strategy with the aim of consistent communication and connection with each individual Cypriot. The campaign is designed on multiple levels, so that the consumer has daily contact with the products through television, radio, points of sale, through active actions with the company's van and through Digital activation, both on the internet and on social media.

The TV campaign includes an equity and five product films that will be developed over the coming months, showing them first, exclusively on Social media and then on our small screens, reminding us every day why every day, every day can be great!< /p>

The television films were produced by Semio Productions, directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos and Paris El Said.

#KatheMeraEinaiYperohi #CharalambidesChristis #ToKaliteroMas #ToKaliteroStiDiatrofiMas

< strong>Watch the movie

Charalambidis Christis, the largest and longest running Cypriot dairy company, is aleader in the food production and distribution sector. The company offersover time and always in accordance with international quality standards, products of high nutritional value, showing care throughout the supply chain, cooperating with local producers.

Charalambidis Kristis quality is internationally recognized with the company to export to more than 32 countries, being the largest export company in Cyprus.

The company's vision is to offer products of high nutritional value, maintaining the authenticity of the flavors through unlimited choices of quality nutritional enjoyment, with free and equal access to all Cypriot citizens and consumers and to make a decisive contribution to the new model of sustainable development, with respect for people , to nature and to the younger generations.

The mission of the company is to contribute to a sustainable and better future for everyone and to develop and promote the nutritional heritage of Cyprus on many levels all over the world.

Committed to her vision, she also focuses on the positive impact of the company on the society of Cyprus. As part of its social responsibility, it implements the integrated CSR program “PARTICIPATION”, a program of social solidarity and practical contribution, whose core is children and young people, improving their conditions of hygiene, nutrition, training, education and entertainment.

Having Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance at the core of its strategy, Charalambidis Christis has designed an integrated ESG program, which develops throughout the company's ecosystem, while having been harmonized with the new model of sustainable development, together with the Participation they aim to create added social value and under the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

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