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The next steps of the Turkish Cypriot side in Varosi – “We have not touched private property” says Ismail Arter

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The “mayor” of occupied Famagusta submits his own opinion on the latest developments in the closed city of Famagusta. Ismail Arter claims that “the 'municipality' has not touched the private property in Varosi”. At the same time, it refers to the next plans of the occupying authorities for the closed city.

“By the time Varosi opened to visitors, in October 2020, there were already two beaches in the area. This is the number one beach, located just beyond Palm Beach, and the other located at the edge of the beach (of Varos). “Last year, the latter was turned into a full beach, where all our people can go and use it and swim in its sea”, says Mr. Arter in KYPE.

Following his statements, Mr. Arter states that “there was a place on beach number one that was going to be demolished, and it was demolished. People were already swimming in the area where we set up kiosks on the side of the road. Now we just clean the area. We installed umbrellas and sunbeds. Our kiosks are already there. It is now an organized beach “.

“Our work can be extended until June 1. All public spaces are run by the “municipality”, claims Mr. Arter, who adds: “We have never touched the private property (of Varos). A large number of visitors also come to these beaches from the south. I saw that there was a political reaction, but that was something that happened last year as well. The solution is the conversation at the table, let us all sit down and discuss both Varosi and the Cyprus issue. “

Regarding the next steps of the Turkish Cypriot side in Varosi, Mr. Arter states the following: “As a 'municipality' we deal with the technical side of things. We undertake the cleaning and organization of the spaces that are open to the public. A decision was made to convert an area of ​​174,000 square meters, equivalent to 3.5% of closed Varos, from a 'military' to a political zone. Infrastructure projects were carried out in this area under the coordination of the ‘Ministry of Interior’. Work on the ground has not yet begun. There are appeals in this area through the 'Real Estate Committee', and I have been informed that the number of appeals is increasing. We have opened a portal for infrastructure works “.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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