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The NHS fund is sustainable until 2031 – At €1.58 billion in revenue, €1.44 billion in expenses

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Βιoσιμο μéχρι &tau ;ο 2031 το ταμεΙο του ΓεΣΥ-Στα €1.58 δισ εκατομμyρια τα Εσοδα, €1.44 δισ ;απανες

In 2023, the revenues of the Health Insurance Organization (OHI) from the contributions and contributions of the NHS reached €1.58 billion in 2023, while the expenses for health services amounted to €1.44 billion, with the Senior Officer of the Health Insurance Agency, Angelos Tropis stating to KYPE that the NHS fund is expected to be sustainable until 2031, citing the results of the latest actuarial study for the period 2022 – 2031.

At the same time, the Senior Officer of the OAU emphasizes the “insurance valve” available to the GeSY fund, which is the €500 million reserve.

In more detail in relation to the costs, citing preliminary data, Mr. Tropis said that the costs for inpatient care amounted to €684 million in the period January-December 2023, while the costs for Specialist Doctors amounted to €231.1 million.

He also stated that the expenses for Personal Doctors amounted to €99.6 million, for laboratory fees to €54.2 million, for pharmacist fees to €34.4 million, for fees of other health professionals, nurses, midwives and dentists at €56.6 million, while the cost of outpatient drugs and consumables (after deduction of discounts) amounted to €213.2 million.

He also said that spending on First Aid and ambulances amounted in 2023 to €34.8 million, for rehabilitation and palliative care to €10.3 million and for overseas missions €22.0 million.

The Senior Official of the OAU noted that the preliminary results do not include administrative costs and revenues, the provision for revenues from the care of European citizens and year-end adjustments.

The National Health Insurance fund is sustainable until 2031

Citing the results of the latest actuarial study for the period 2022 – 2031, which was recently completed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and whose results were already presented to the Board of Directors of the OAU, Mr. Tropis told KYPE that the GeSY fund is foreseen to be sustainable until 2031, in all the scenarios that have been examined.

No matter how negative the scenarios that were examined, in the context of the study, the fund remains viable until 2031, he emphasized.

“Consequently the actuarial study prepared by the ILO, which is the most reliable and objective international organization, shows that the fund will be sustainable, based on the financial management to date and the data to date”, he underlined.

Finally, Mr. Tropis said that “today there is a reserve which exceeds €500 million and which is the insurance cover of the organization and the fund, in the event of unexpected negative economic developments”.

Source: KYPE


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