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The Normandy landings and the still divisive specter of Nazism

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It may have been 80 years since the Allies came together to defeat Nazism, but today the dark narrative of that period still haunts the world with war. >

When in his speech in the early hours of February 22, 2022, Vladimir Putin spoke of the “de-Naziization” of Ukraine as one of the main reasons for the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, no one could fathom the fact that it is possible to remains the doctrine that bloodied the planet as an excuse to start a new war again on European soil.

80 years have passed since the day that on five different beaches on the Normandy coast the Allied forces proceeded to one of the most historic military operations of World War II, Operation Overlord.

Thousands of soldiers from the British shores arrived on French soil and after fierce battles and thousands of dead they managed after 90 days to liberate the first important French urban and peri-urban centers in the west, essentially marking the trumpet of victory against Nazism in the European area .

No Russian troops were involved in these operations, but none dared to look higher on the field of sacrifice than Russia, which in its own battle in the east with the Nazi formation lost more than 27 million of its population, nearly 9 million soldiers and 18 million civilians.

Russia can be proud, and not unjustly, that it alone put an end in the most absolute way to the expansionist plans of Hitler and Nazi Germany for absolute domination in the European space and can also she trumpets freely and without quotation marks that her own sacrifice in people and infrastructure, the whole of Europe cannot even come close to her.

The irony today is that it is the very country that sacrificed itself for Freedom that is attempting to deprive someone else of the good that its people suffered for, using the same narrative.

The change in the Putin narrative

The recent interview of the Russian President with representatives of the Western media contained a clear change in this specific narrative.

Vladimir Putin, responding again after a long time to a question why he decided to invade Ukraine, emphasized that the reason was that his country was under threat. usually used by the Kremlin for at least the first 14 months of the war.

Zelensky and his wish for a new “historic landing”

Another ironic twist to things is that yesterday, on a collectively historic day of remembrance, such as May 9, which Russia celebrates as a victory against Nazism, it is the Russian delegation that was not invited to a chapter of modern history in which it has played even in other fields a decisive role for the final victorious outcome.

On the contrary, even the losers of the battles gave their presence, which has been customary for decades, especially after the surrender on the part of France space in Normandy and for the dead German soldiers.

On yesterday's historic day of remembrance, in addition to the leaders of the countries that allied to defeat fascism and the Axis, Volodymyr Zelensky was also present.

Maybe almost 8 decades ago Ukraine was not an independent country and to be part of the Soviet Union, but it is a given that the Nazis committed some of their greatest atrocities on its territory.

Zelensky, when asked if he expects a historic “landing” in Ukraine, replied that he wished so. , essentially giving a new note and twist to the war that had been going on for almost three years.

However, the most dramatic element, both for historical and realistic reasons, is the fact that Nazism was defeated on the battlefields and he disappeared through constitutional-democratic processes even in the countries that inspired and embraced him, but his ghost is still more “alive” than ever, bleeding the same sides of the world and reviving through a narrative that is considered dead.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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