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The number of people in the bank coffers has significantly decreased

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The number of people in the bank coffers has significantly decreased

The pandemic crisis is gradually emptying the banking branches of customers and taking off the online banking transactions. In recent years, banks have encouraged their customers to use digital channels and avoid cash registers. And the coronavirus came to accelerate the changes.

The data of Hellenic Bank, presented by “F”, show the shift of customers to electronic banking. 80% of all transactions are made through alternative channels and not at the checkout. There was a 35% increase in the use of digital channels in 2020, mainly from March onwards, ie when the customer faced the consequences of the coronavirus.

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Hellenic Bank gained 70,000 new users in digital channels in 2020, recording an increase of 30%. As we were told by the bank, 91,000 new credit cards were issued in 2020, which is a huge increase from 2019, since you can now order it online or from the service center without any visit to the checkout.

In 2020, communication with the Customer Communication Center increased by 50%, via telephone calls (over 1 million calls) and by 150% via text messages (emails / bank mails). The largest volume of telephone calls in 2020 concerned issues such as: registration in the bank's Web banking, guidance on issues of recovery of Online banking codes, change of contact telephone, issuance of debit cards, information on card replacements of the customers of the former SKT.

Hellenic Bank notes that the pandemic had its own impact, with customers wanting to know information about their benefits, IBAN numbers, the installment suspension process as well as store hours and operations.

Up to € 30,000 at ATMs

Some transactions that in recent years took place inside the store and the customer waited in line at the checkout, can now be serviced on their own. For the best service of its business customers, Elliniki offers the possibility of depositing up to € 30,000 per day at ATMs or “in lobby ATMs” inside selected stores. It is worth noting that there is the possibility of issuing a debit card only for deposits, which can be used by employees or associates of companies. At the same time, Cash 360 coin machines offer the possibility of depositing a large volume of coins using a special code. At regular intervals, within the same day, the bank automatically updates the customer's account. In addition, a free check collection service is offered by the customer offices (for more than 10 checks).

There is no exit plan

And because every time the digital development progresses the question that arises is whether there will be a reduction in staff, sources from the Hellenic Bank stated that there is no plan in the works for an early retirement plan. “Banks are training their staff as roles change to meet the new conditions. “The competition is not only internal but also with all these new revolut type companies”, it is pointed out.

Source: www.philenews.com

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