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The numbers of sexual abuse of children in Cyprus are frightening (VIDEO)

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Τρομàζουν οι α ;ριθμοΙ σεξουαλικorς κακοποΙηση ς παιδιoν στην Κyπρο (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

The numbers of sexual abuse of children in Cyprus are shocking.

Within 10 months, 256 children's voices found the courage and described the horror they experienced. 

The perpetrators in the vast majority of them come from the victim's family environment.

The show “Noon and Something” went to the Children's House, the place that was turned into a refuge for little innocent souls who experienced the nightmare and fell victim to sick appetites.

«We observe through the static elements that we keep in the majority of cases the child knows the theta. This means either he is in the family or he is known to the child, that is, a distant relative, teacher, trainer, said the director of the humanitarian sector, Andria Neokleous.

The sexual abuse of children is reaching scourge proportions.

Since the end of 2017, when the Children's House began its operation, 1,565 children, who suffered sexual abuse, were referred to it for help, support and reporting abuse.     

«We encourage everyone, anyone who knows something or suspects that something might be happening to a child to report it to the relevant agencies so that we can protect the children”, noted Mrs. Neokleous.

The safety of children is the responsibility of all of us. It is not enough just to punish the rapists. We must prevent harm before it happens. Not enough to get shocked and angry once again.

Watch the video:

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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