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The offenses for Cooperation are barred

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The offenses for Cooperation are barred

The Auditor General, Odysseas Michailidis, sent an urgent letter to the General Secretary yesterday. of the Ministry of Finance and President of SEDIPES, George Pantelis, pointing out that he has a role and responsibility for the timely safeguarding of the interests of the Republic.


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Mr. Michailidis calls on Mr. Pantelis to act immediately to make decisions on whether to sue for civil liability in relation to the Co-operation. He also stressed that the Republic must take immediate decisions on whether to bring civil liability lawsuits against former Finance Minister Haris Georgiadis, as well, if three years have passed since the day the base of the lawsuit was completed (the total number of events establish the inalienable right), any offenses are barred and the right of the state to claim damages is lost. “There can be no other delay in decision-making and action,” said Mr. Michaelides.

As he points out, the report names the members of the Cooperative Central Bank (CCB) Committee, the CEO of the CCB, members or heads of specific committees of the Committee or Directorates, such as the Non-performing Loans Committee and the Strategy Directorate. and reshaping. He adds that the Research suggests that civil liability be sought from the former Minister of Finance. Mr. Michailidis asks Mr. Pantelis to inform him about the measures taken or to be taken within the set deadlines, which show that an effort is being made to recover as much of the funds, cash and other assets that have been lost.


Source: www.philenews.com

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