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The offices of EDEK were vandalized – “We continue”, the message of Sizopoulos (vids)

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Βανδαλισαν τ&alpha γραφεΙα της ΕΔΕΚ- «ΣυνεχΙζουμε », το μorνυμα Σιζoπουλου (vids)

Aim of a the EDEK offices became a premeditated and pre-planned thuggish act with the throwing of a flare, said the President of the party, Marinos Sizopoulos, who left the Budget debate in Parliament when he was informed of the incident.

In his statements outside the offices of EDEK, Mr. Sizopoulos said that they will not react outside the framework of democratic behavior and wanted to send a message “to all these thugs: under any circumstances, EDEK does not lower the flag” of her struggle. EDEK is not going to change its positions and no one can bend EDEK.

EDEK, he continued, is historically and throughout time a party of resistance, in favor of Democracy and transparency, historical self-awareness and of the struggle for the liberation of our homeland.

Under no circumstances, either by intimidation or by any other actions, will they under any circumstances undermine and undermine  some this opinion, he added. "We are continuing".

Answering a question, Mr. Sizopoulos said that the offices were closed but there were paid staff in the building with whose intervention the fire was extinguished and a possible total destruction of the offices was prevented.< /p>

Speaking to the journalists, Antonis Antonis, secretary of finance of DEOK, said that he was working until 7 o'clock in his office on the third floor of the building, and when he went down he found that outside the offices of the Provincial Committee of EDEK Nicosia, two people from an adjacent restaurant were trying to put out the fire. fire caused when some people passed by and threw a flare towards the offices.

Because the fire extinguishers that had been used were exhausted but the fire continued,  he added, they went up to the building and took all the fire extinguishers available to put out the fire.

Asked if he heard any noise, he said that because his office is not facing the street, he didn't hear anything.  In answer to another question he said that the building has a surveillance system.

See the photos:

Βανδαλισαν τα γ ραφελα της ΕΔΕΚ- «Συνεχλζουμε», το μorνυμα Σιζoπουλου (vids)

< p>Βανδαλισαν τα &gamma ραφελα της ΕΔΕΚ- «Συνεχλζουμε», το μorνυμα Σιζoπουλου (vids)

< p>Βανδαλισαν τα γ ραφελα της ΕΔΕΚ- «Συνεχλζουμε», το μorνυμα Σιζoπουλου (vids)

DISY president Averof Neofytou said that our country is facing national and economic risks and the last thing we need is national discord. It is reprehensible, he said,  any act that creates national discord.

Mr. Neofytou said that our country has paid a lot for national discord and any political or any other acts that put a torpedo in the unity of this place are reprehensible.


AKEL's parliamentary representative Giorgos Loukaidis said that some remain unrepentant. and that what took place is unacceptable and shows where we are. Members of this parliament, he said, have attended the event and if they have the courage to come out and declare it.

The president of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos said that we must condemn these  incidents of insults and vandalism and that he is ashamed because we pay attention to a hundred hooligans with reprehensible ideas. If we want, he said,  to honor democracy we must stop dealing with them and continue our work.

The president of ELAM, Christos Christou, said that the event was organized by Griva Digeni's foundation and that if we have to condemn today those who shout against MPs then we should also condemn those who occasionally shout against ELAM and “raise gallows”. He said that what is important is unity and not discord.

The president of DIPA Marios Karoyan said that insults and targeting are the last thing our country wants and that if we love our country we must condemn these attitudes and with unity preserve the institutions and democracy.

< p> Environmentalist MP Alexandra Attalidou said that this demonstration that some organized outside the Parliament  has targeted her and "some use words of origin, allegedly holding flags of patriotism while exuding hatred and threats".

“I am telling everyone and especially those who went to talk to these thugs that I will file an official complaint for everything that happened, for the disgrace of targeting a female MP,” he said. He said that we should not accept these situations "because these were happening before 1974 and that is why we got to where we are".

Charalambos Theopeptou, President of the Environmentalists said that what is happening is very shocking and that the police say the protesters are loaded with stones and "I don't know what they plan to do". He also spoke of unacceptable verbal violence.

Independent Andreas Themistokleous said that it is easy to assign blame and that when he himself went to speak to the protesters no violence was used, no incident took place and frankly no one dealt with Ms. Attalidou. He criticized the fact that Marinos Sizopoulos talked about vandalism in the EDEK building, but did not say when it was done or by whom.

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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