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The only involvement is humanitarian aid, say Kobos-Fisher. “Incomprehensible” threats

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    The only involvement is humanitarian aid in Gaza, say the Foreign Ministry and the US Ambassador – Threats against Cyprus incredibly difficult to understand, says Fisher – An American ship with aid to Gaza left Larnaca

    Cyprus is only involved in the issue of humanitarian aid to Gaza, state the US Foreign Minister and Ambassador.

    Cyprus is doing its duty on a humanitarian level in Gaza, nothing more and nothing less and anything beyond that is completely unfounded and contradictory to reality, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Kombos in relation to the threats received by the country from the leader of Hezbollah. For her part, the American Ambassador Julie Fisherstressed that the threats against Cyprus and its leadership for providing this aid to the Palestinians are incredibly difficult to understand.

    Mr. Kobos and Ms. Fischer were speaking today at a press conference regarding humanitarian aid being sent through the sea corridor to Gaza, and on the US ship leaving for Gaza.

    Asked about the threats Cyprus faces, Mr. Kombos said that Cyprus is involved in what we are presenting here today: Providing humanitarian aid to Gaza through the humanitarian sea corridor. “We are trying to do our duty on a humanitarian level, nothing more and nothing less. Anything beyond that is, in my opinion, completely unfounded and inconsistent with reality,” he said.

    Asked about a possible escalation of the conflict, Kombos said that any escalation of the conflict, especially in relation to Lebanon, would be disastrous for the region and the consequences would be extremely serious. “We are concerned about the escalation, we are concerned about finding ways for a diplomatic solution to this situation and of course we continue to do our planning in terms of the activities that are being done in relation to humanitarian assistance,” he said.

    For her part, Ms. Fischer said on the subject of threats that these threats against Cyprus and its leadership for providing this aid to the Palestinians are incredibly difficult to understand.

    For on the issue of de-escalation, the American Ambassador said that “we are incredibly focused on de-escalating the situation, what we are trying to do is to achieve this ceasefire which we know will pave the way for the resumption of talks that will push this region forward”.

    Initially, Mr. Kombos in his statement said that the operation of providing humanitarian aid, is for an effort that started immediately after October 7, it is a project designed with the sole purpose of offering a lifeline to the people of Gaza.

    “We must reiterate once again that all possible methods of providing aid to Gaza must be used. The sea corridor has been made possible because of the valuable contribution of friendly countries like the US, the United Arab Emirates, there is an international coalition that supports us, the United Nations is involved. At the moment we are proceeding normally, there is a continuous flow of loading on the ships”, said Mr. Kombos and added that there are of course certain challenges, related to everything that is happening in Gaza.

    “But we are continuing to try, it will not be an easy task, after all we are operating in a war zone and we are doing everything we can in cooperation with our partners to ensure that this has an impact on the daily lives of people on the ground. We are already thinking about how to diversify the distribution, how to strengthen the capabilities in terms of delivery,” he said.

    The Foreign Minister said that this is clear evidence that Cyprus started this with the aim of acting as a humanitarian hub. “The humanitarian corridor is a manifestation of this goal. That's what we're doing, trying to be helpful in terms of sending aid to the people in Gaza. That and nothing else,” he noted.

    US Ambassador Julie Fisherexpressed her pleasure at having the opportunity to discuss these issues today and at the fact that so many people had the opportunity today to see and really understand this work of the humanitarian corridor, to understand what is happening in Larnaca and the port, because this is incredibly important.

    “What this whole effort represents is the commitment of the US to exhaust every possible avenue to alleviate the plight of the Palestinian people who are faced with catastrophic levels of food and security,” he said.

    He added that since first the US welcomed the leadership and partnership of the Republic of Cyprus and specifically President Christodoulides and the team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the creation of this Cyprus Sea Corridor.

    “Our contributions to the Cyprus Sea Corridor are designed to bring humanitarian aid directly to Gaza to assist humanitarian organizations providing life-saving assistance in an independent, neutral and impartial manner,” she said.

    Ms. Fisher said that the Cyprus Sea Corridor represents the combined commitment not only of Cyprus and the US, but of course also of Israel, France, the UK, the UAE, the UN and the EU.

    “We continue to push for all entry points into Gaza to remain predictably operating at maximum capacity and to improve internal access so that aid can reach people in desperate need. Aid must not only enter Gaza, but be able to reach vulnerable communities across the Gaza Strip safely,” he said.

    The US Ambassador said that US humanitarian partners continue to contribute every effort to provide assistance, despite the difficult and often dangerous operating environment.

    “Given the urgency of the needs of the Palestinian people, we continue and will continue to work with our partners, the Republic of Cyprus and with whoever is possible, to exhaust all those possibilities to ensure that help is available and ready to go when the environment allows,” she said.

    In response to a question, Ms Fisher said the US and the international community will continue to rely on the important role played by Cyprus. “We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus”, he said.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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