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The opening of an Outdoor Digital Interactive Museum was held in Nicosia

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The opening of the Outdoor Digital Interactive Museum, which was created by the students of the All-Day Program of the Pangyprian High School, in the framework of the “STEAME – Greek Language and Culture” program, was held today, Saturday, by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Vasiliki Kassianidou.

In her greeting, the Deputy Minister of Culture emphasized that this extremely interesting augmented reality museum includes AR (augmented reality) applications, indicating that there would be no better time to open it to the public than today's International Museum Day, which this year has the theme “Museums for education and research”.

Ms. Kassianidou expressed the belief that museums, as dynamic carriers of culture and education, have the potential to cultivate and develop curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, providing the public with a comprehensive experience of knowledge and entertainment. “Spaces open to all citizens promote research and the dissemination of new innovative ideas, since they have the potential to contribute significantly to understanding the world,” he said.

He added that by choosing the specific theme for 2024, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) wishes to highlight museums as vital places of convergence of education and research, covering a wide field, from art and history to science and technology, where innovation meets tradition.

The Deputy Minister of Culture pointed out that today's exhibition is a bright example of how this convergence can be best realized when students and their teachers work together to create a new museum that is attractive and interesting for everyone. He noted that the 11 selected objects of the Cyprus Folk Art Museum are accompanied by videos with the descriptions of the objects prepared by the Museum and presented by the students through an equal number of videos prepared by STEAME.

He also pointed out that the fact that visitors will be able to admire the exhibits in 3D digital form through “AR codes”, every day 24 hours a day, makes the space visitable at any time here in this arcade between the Museum Agonos and the Museum of Folk Art a site of special importance and history.

The Deputy Minister of Culture also mentioned that as this year's celebration of the International Museum Day also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion, in the area of ​​the cells and the Library of the Old Archdiocese, the anniversary exhibition prepared by the Cyprus Folk Art Museum and the Society of Cyprus Studies, a modular exhibition, which presents in the first section life before 1974, and in the other sections the invasion, the refugee and the life of the trapped.

In the exhibition, as he added, relics from the citizens of the displaced municipalities of Kythrea, Karavas, Lefkonikos and Akanthus, the Community of Agios Ambrosios of Kyrenia, from the Free Kythrea Association, as well as from private individuals are exhibited , such as the household goods of the trapped Konstantis and Pezounas Kassiani from Turkish-occupied Eptakomi, which were transferred to the free areas in 1976, when they were displaced.

Additionally, the exhibition includes works of contemporary Cypriot art from the Byzantine Museum and the Gallery of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation and works of children's art from the Primary Education Children's Art Archive of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

Ms. Kassianidou noted that the role of museums is to preserve and keep alive in our memory our places, our monuments, our manners and customs, in other words our culture, indicating that this exhibition offers the best in not to forget our occupied homelands and the events that marked our place.

He assured that one of the primary goals of the Deputy Ministry of Culture is the promotion and protection of monuments, of our archaeological sites and museums, explaining that for this reason, the Deputy Ministry is focusing, among other things, on the gradual upgrading of museums, as well as the archaeological sites and monuments that can be visited.

“It is our primary concern to make them attractive destinations, accessible to citizens of all ages and foreign visitors,” he said. “Our goal is to improve the experience of visitors through the modernization of museum exhibitions, and the integration of digital technologies in the Museum space”, he added.

He also noted that through its sponsorship programs, the Deputy Ministry supports museums of other cultural bodies and institutions.

Closing, the Deputy Minister of Culture congratulated all those who contributed to the organization of today's event and especially to the creation of the Museum and the Exhibition, and emphasized that the Deputy Ministry will always stand by all the actions that contribute to the development of cultural culture and spiritual cultivation and the strengthening of the cultural evolution, development and creativity of our society and especially of our young people.

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