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The operation of the focus is limited

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The operation of the focus is limited

Dora Christodoulou

The situation in the catering industry, despite its reopening, has now reached marginal levels due to the economic consequences of the measures implemented over the last year and a half. And the situation is becoming almost irreversible for many businesses in the industry, with the apparent decline in tourist traffic in June, as a result of British decisions to categorize the countries of transit of British tourists.

These developments, according to estimates by the representatives of the leisure centers of Paphos, pose an immediate risk for a large percentage of companies that are no longer certain that they will be able to reactivate to the extent that they can recover financially from the accumulated obligations and waiting for the start of the mass flow. from Britain to return to normalcy.


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Entrepreneurs in the industry, speaking today to “F”, emphasize that the finding that June will move without a tourist current, has skyrocketed the despair of those involved in the industry. The absence of customers at a time when he was expected as a manna from heaven in the catering industry, they report, made things much worse for entrepreneurs.

The leisure centers of Paphos, according to businessmen in the industry, have already been on the ventilator since the beginning of the pandemic, mainly due to the lack of tourist electricity. The tightening of the measures now by the British, they stressed, leads with mathematical precision to the padlock many companies in the sector.

Source: www.philenews.com

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