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The “Pan-Cypriot Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus” Initiative submitted a letter to Queillard

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Η Πρωτοβουλα « Παγκyπρια ΚινητοποΙηση για την ΕλευθερΙα της Κyπρου» επΕδωσε ε&pi ιστολor στην Κουεγιαρ

Letter to the special envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Cyprus issue, mr. Holguin Queillar, the Initiative “Pan Cypriot Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus” presented yesterday.

As they report, a delegation delivered the letter to a representative of UNFICYP's Political Affairs office, while it was preceded by a written request for a meeting with Ms. Quellard in the context of her contacts with members of civil society.

According to a statement, a representative of the Initiative asked Mrs. Quellard to arrange a meeting upon her return to Cyprus at the beginning of March. The letter delivered to the United Nations conveys the Initiative's “strong support” for ending the Turkish occupation and its vision for a “unitary, democratic, pluralistic and secular state.” The “Pancypriot Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus” is an initiative of citizens, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins, who sign a joint Declaration with principled positions on the Cyprus issue. “The common goal is a free homeland, without territorial and ethnic divisions”. their commitment” to the struggle for the Freedom of Cyprus and “stand united in the pursuit of a just and sustainable solution”.

As they state, they consider and find the following:

• The Cyprus issue has its roots in Turkey's expansionism and is perpetuated by its intransigence. It ended in military occupation and demographic change due to the forced displacement of Cypriots and colonization.
• Turkey's strategic goal is to control the whole of Cyprus. An apartheid-style arrangement with two constituent states, with political equality and separate sovereignty, would facilitate Turkey in this pursuit.
• A sustainable and just solution can be achieved by the will of the Cypriots: no power or international organization is going to give it to us or help us get it.

They also aim for the following:< /strong>

• The withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers from the territories of the Republic of Cyprus, the consolidation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, its independence and territorial integrity as well as its liberation from the presence of all foreign troops and military bases on the island.< br>• Ensuring the right and conditions of safe return of all displaced persons.
• Promoting the peaceful coexistence of all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and emphasizing the unity of society, the economy and the institutions of state power, throughout its territory. A guarantee for these can be effectively ensured by the participation of Cyprus in the European Union.
• In a future where all citizens will have the freedom to settle and move throughout Cyprus, have the right to work in any desired field and exercise property rights and enjoy the democratic freedoms of electing and being elected, based on the democratic principle “one person, one vote”.
• Ensuring the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus, based on a political system that operates within the framework of modern pluralistic democracy within the European Union, in order to achieve a fair, functional and sustainable solution.
In our pursuit of salvation and liberation of our homeland and to achieve a comprehensive solution, we propose and support:
• Pan-Cypriot unity and solidarity.
• The development of a multi-level and multi-dimensional foreign policy to forge strategic alliances with neighboring and other states based on common interests .
• The effort through international and European mechanisms to implement measures against Turkey while the occupation continues.
• The launch of a global boycott and sanctions campaign against Turkey due to war crimes and human rights violations in Cyprus.
We, the participants in this initiative, share the vision outlined in this Declaration. We categorically reject any so-called solution involving partition, two states or any other arrangement with geographical separation based on tribal origin such as confederation or bizonal bi-communal federation (BIF) which with the proposed separate arrangements inevitably leads to two states. We strongly support a fully independent, truly democratic and unified Republic of Cyprus.

Same letter

Pan-Cypriot Mobilization for the Liberation of Cyprus *

Dear Mr. Quellard

The military occupation of Cyprus by Turkey has brought serious political, economic, cultural, social and humanitarian consequences to the legal inhabitants of the island, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Life has been trapped for almost 50 years, in an abnormal everyday life, a political condition of separation and insecurity.

Turkey maintains over 40,000 troops in the occupied territories and systematically uses settlement as a weapon of demographic change. The transfer of hundreds of thousands of settlers has numerically strangled the Turkish Cypriots, who are decreasing dramatically.

Ersin Tatar, presents himself as the representative of the Turkish Cypriots, however, Turkish Cypriot political movements and civil society organizations indicate that the so-called election it reflects the will of the illegal settlers and not that of the indigenous Turkish Cypriots.

In addition, the ongoing militarization of the occupied territories has turned our country into a military base and a military base of Turkey, intensifying the constant threat and concern for the immediate risk of annihilation of the island's legal residents.

As in case of the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli forces, in Cyprus, the Turkish occupation force ignores and violates numerous international conventions, including the Geneva Conventions and international treaties such as the Rome Statute.


The talks between the leaderships of the two communities are one of the many distortions of the course that the Cyprus issue took after the Turkish invasion of 1974. The Cyprus issue was and remains a problem of invasion and occupation and not a bi-communal dispute. All these years, the internal aspect of the solution has been discussed mainly, without the condition of ending the occupation and the withdrawal of troops and settlers.

The Bizonal Bicommunal Federation which is proposed as a form of solution, leads to a regime of permanent separation of Cyprus into two separate territorial, population and state entities. It does not reunite the island, but instead perpetuates and legitimizes division by creating apartheid conditions.

The proposal to apply quotas to the settlement of Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and foreign nationals within the two “constituent states” of the so-called “United Republic of Cyprus”, as described in the Annan Plan and in the current discussions on the Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation (DFO), raises significant contradictions with the European acquis. In particular, it contradicts several articles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, such as Article 45, which states that every citizen of the Union has the right to move and reside freely in the territory of the Member States.

This solution model is contrary to any democratic principle, establishes serious violations of human rights and leads to a dysfunctional state with a doubtful future, increasing concerns of destabilization in the future. Furthermore, it fundamentally violates the UN Convention on the Prohibition of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, since it overlooks crimes, such as colonization, which continue systematically throughout the occupation.

The case of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a complex model of national federation, is an example of questionable viability and prosperity. This country is firmly on the brink of collapse, demonstrating the dangers of solutions that go against the principles of the UN and the EU. Joint Declaration signed by hundreds of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, we strongly support the end of the Turkish occupation in Cyprus and the creation of a single, democratic, pluralistic and secular state.

We fully support the statement of the UN Secretary General, Antonia Guterres, who in 2017, referring to the resolution of the Cyprus issue, set as his goal a “normal state from the first day” of signing the agreement on the resolution of the Cyprus issue.

The Pan-Cypriot Mobilization for the Liberation of Cyprus is an initiative of Cypriot citizens , Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins, which is bound by the joint Declaration that supports the end of the Turkish occupation in Cyprus and the establishment of a single, democratic, pluralistic and secular state.

Source: www.philenews.com

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