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The pandemic has launched electronic communications

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The pandemic has launched electronic communications

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a major shift in electronic communications, according to data released by the Office of the Commissioner for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Post (GERIET)

The graph that follows shows the total% change every fortnight from 16/3/2020 until 28/2/2021. The data show on the one hand the great shift in electronic communications due to the restrictive measures imposed and on the other hand possible permanent changes in consumer habits.

The data on a fortnightly basis show the following:

• The general use of mobile broadband data since the growth rate compared to the fortnightly average of the months December 19-February 20 at the beginning of the pandemic was 19% and by the end of February the growth rate reached 73%, ie almost quadrupled.

• The expected increase of fixed broadband data by about 50% during the periods when strict restrictive measures were in force.

Fluctuations in fixed and mobile broadband data volumes are affected by restrictive measures by removing the reduction in volumes. Therefore, reductions are expected in the data that will concern the week 1-7 / 3/2021 due to the return of the students of A 'and BD Lyceum.

• Small fluctuations in the volume of fixed and mobile telephony minutes with a significant drop during the holiday and holiday periods.

GERIET monitors the electronic communications networks and collects data on the volume of fixed and mobile broadband access data, as well as the volume of fixed and mobile telephony minutes.

Source: www.philenews.com

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