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The parallel of the exodus of Ukrainians and Cypriots is underlined by A. Dimitriou from Poland

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The strong parallels between the refugee drama unfolding on the Ukrainian-Polish border and the displacement of displaced Cypriots since the Turkish invasion in 1974 were underlined by the Speaker of Parliament during her speech at the meeting of the nine women presidents of European parliaments./p>

As the Speaker of the Parliament stated in KYPE, visiting the reception areas of the refugees and noting with the other Presidents the concerns for risks of trafficking, exploitation, torture and sexual abuse of children and women, recognized what parents, grandparents have narrated, as experiences from the barbarity of Attila's invasion of Cyprus.

Ms. Dimitriou stressed the importance of initiatives, such as that of the meeting of women speakers of European parliaments, in order to adopt a common set of actions to support and practical relief of refugees. Speaking to KYPE, he pointed out the need “to take advantage of such meetings and to remind what has happened in Cyprus, after the Turkish invasion in 1974, with the occupation of territories and the violation of human rights.”

“We can understand more than anyone what an asylum will say, what it will mean to ignore people, to live through all this horror,” said the Speaker of the Parliament, who during her speech at the meeting of the nine women Speakers of the Czech Republic , Austria, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Ukraine and the European Parliament) stated that “compliance with international law can not be done with discounts or with two measures and two weights”.

“The similarities between what Turkey did in Cyprus in 1974 and what Russia is doing now in Ukraine are obvious, although the international community has an outrageous attitude of two meters and two stations towards Russia, on the one hand, and Turkey, on the other. Secondly. “Equally outrageous is the fact that Turkey, in its favor, is not in line with the sanctions that have been collectively imposed on Russia, thus weakening the effectiveness of the measures,” Dimitriou added in her speech.

The horrific experience of refugee and occupation that now counts 48 years in Cyprus, he said, is an additional reason to stick firmly to the principles of international law, alongside the people of Ukraine. The Speaker of the Parliament also noted that the attitude of Cyprus remains non-negotiable, that today it hosts about 15,000 Ukrainian refugees, while at the same time it is called to manage a big challenge due to the disproportionately large number of asylum applications, compared to the population./p>

In her statements to KYPE, shortly before her return to Cyprus, Ms. Dimitriou stated that women and children are always the biggest victims of the war and the refugees, explaining that the discussions in Poland also focused on providing assistance to these groups. and to mitigate the risks of trafficking, exploitation or sexual abuse. At the meeting, she noted, she stressed the need for solidarity with them, but also between European countries that accept refugees, with a coherent policy for granting asylum and resettlement.

Discussed , also proposals for cooperation at the level of parliaments and local authorities, while the need to control all bodies and NGOs involved in providing assistance to refugees was highlighted, he added. He also said that the creation of a single European platform for assistance, especially to children, was discussed, so that even online services can be provided to people who do not know languages ​​other than Ukrainian well. This is an extension of the decisions of the Plenary Session of the EP from April 7.

Some Parliaments in Europe, said Ms. Dimitriou, have proceeded to adopt resolutions that speak of genocide in Ukraine, but such a thing has not yet been put in the House of Representatives and may be discussed in the near future.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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