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The Paraplegic Organization welcomes decisions to improve accessibility in hotels

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Η Οργανωση Πα&rho ;απληγικoν χαιρετΙζει αποφασει&sigma βελτΙωσης προσβασιμoτητας σε &xi ;ενοδοχεiα

The information received about the decisions of the Deputy Minister of Tourism aimed at improving the accessibility of hotel businesses for people with mobility difficulties is welcomed by the Paraplegics Organization of Cyprus.

As stated in the announcement of the organization, with a letter dated 21/12/2022 the Deputy Ministry of Tourism informs the hotel companies that in the new year it will introduce the 6th pillar of the National Tourism Strategy which aims to improve the infrastructure of our country with the aim of upgrading of accessibility and transformation of our country into an attractive accessible tourist destination.

In addition, we have been informed with satisfaction, notes the Paraplegics Organization, about the intention of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism to intensify controls concerning accessibility in the context of business licensing.

The announcement of a grant plan through of the Recovery Fund to create infrastructure for people with mobility difficulties in hotels and tourist accommodation in our country.

The Paraplegic Organization points out that the actions of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism are in the right direction to transform the country's tourism product us with the aim of promoting accessibility as one of the most basic, fundamental and inalienable rights of people with mobility difficulties. A right that is guaranteed by laws and International Conventions and is among the priorities of the EU.

Related researches, it is reported, have shown that the market of accessible tourism in the EU is worth more than €400 billion  while it is a unique opportunity for our country since it can be a full-time tourist destination in the EU for people with mobility disabilities or reduced mobility.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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