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The Parliament annulled the service plan of the General Director of THOK

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<p data-block-key=The Plenary Session of the Parliament rejected the amendment of the service plan for the position of Director General of the Cyprus Theater Organization (THOK). 5 deputies voted in favor of the relevant regulations, against 33, while there were also 3 abstentions.

AKEL Member of Parliament Andreas Pasiourtidis stated that the party will vote against the plan since they believe that the General Director of THOK should have an artistic background, in contrast to the specific plan with which anyone can claim the position.

AKEL Member of Parliament Christos Christofidis stated that during the discussion of the budget of THOK he had denounced methods in relation to the position of the DG of THOK and the specific service plan was the result of these methods. He added that the previous THOK Board submitted a service plan that did not include a number of professional groups, which were arbitrarily added afterwards. Mr. Christofidis said that basically THOK needed a director who knows about art and theater, while with “surgical operations” that took place after the board of directors of THOK was changed, doors and windows were opened for other very specific ones. He said that this development has opened a back door not only for rusfetological approaches but also for placing in the position of people who cannot play the role of artistic director.  

DISY Member of Parliament Nikos Tornaritis requested that the issue be postponed so that it could be reconsidered, however the President of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou said that no postponement is foreseen after the debate has started.

The MP of DIKO Chrysanthos Savvidis, stated that according to the philosophy of AKEL MPs, a redistribution should be made for all the General Directors of ministries and people of the object should be included.

Limassol Member of Parliament Andreas Themistokleous stated that it is unthinkable that the Director General of THOK, a service with 30 employees, is paid the same as a director of a large Ministry, such as the Ministry of Education.

Change of service plans due to reform

At the same time, the Parliament approved the amendment of 65 service plans concerning positions of interdepartmental promotion and first appointment and promotion in ministries, deputy ministries, independent authorities and departments, in order to make it possible to fill them on the basis of the new regulations that are implemented in the context of the reform of the public service, effectively allowing cross-departmental promotions.

38 deputies voted in favor, 1 against while there were also 3 abstentions.

DIKO Member of Parliament Pavlos Mylonas said he would abstain, expressing dismay at service plans that all involve high-ranking officials, when there are shortages of “soldiers” in the state machine. He cited as an example the deforestation of the Makarei hospital with the transfer of three nurses to OKYpY.

Dipa-Cooperation MP Marinos Musiouttas said that the service plans are a result of the reform which the Parliament voted and it was necessary to differentiate them so that announcements and recruitments could be made in the existing positions. He added that the service plans before the Parliament do not concern the scale at which the position is and that this is a matter of the state budget. stated that the specific package concerns the modification of the plans concerning the interdepartmental promotion so that the law can be implemented, their essence does not change, nor are new positions created.

End the Plenary of the Parliament unanimously approved a draft decision on lists of public service admission positions on the A7 and A8 scales.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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