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The Parliament returns to its work on Monday under the new restrictive measures

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The Parliament returns to its work on Monday under the new restrictive measures

Under the new restrictive measures and the burden of the view that the Parliamentary Committees should consider only the very important and / or urgent issues, which the Speaker of the Parliament, Adamos Adamou, forwarded to the Chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees on Friday, the legislature continues his works.

The agenda of the meetings of the Committees was made public at noon on Friday, with the agendas for the next week, and the agenda of the plenary session of the Parliament for Thursday, January 14, has also been made public.

The Plenary Session of the Parliament has on the agenda Legislative work, the referral of the law on the Conditions for Registration of Photographers in Professional, the Budget of the Central Body of Equal Weight Distribution for 2021 and the bill for the implementation of the European Regulation on Enhanced Cooperation European Public Prosecutor's Office.

As officially announced by the Parliament, Mr. Adamou informed the Chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees of his opinion that in the special circumstances created by the pandemic and the measures to deal with it, the Parliamentary Committees should consider only the very important and / or urgent issues.

He also stressed that the number of guests invited to the sessions of the Parliamentary Committees should be limited to what is absolutely necessary.

Based on the agenda of the parliamentary Committees, the Parliamentary Committees on Human Rights, Finance and Home Affairs will meet on Monday.

The Finance Committee will have before it the budgets of four sub-governmental organizations, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the Housing Financing Agency, the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority, the Cyprus News Agency, will discuss the Laiki Bank.

The Committee on Home Affairs has before it 3 bills for the reform of the local self-government and the Committee on Human Rights will be informed about the creation of a “Women's House” and the General Support of women in each province.

The Trade Committee will meet on Tuesday to be briefed in a closed session on hydrocarbon issues and to discuss in detail the harmonizing bill on Consumer Protection.

The same day the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees meets to discuss the need to review the local plans of the municipality of Lysis and the community of Conte after the change of policy for the development within the British bases and three bills, one for the relief of victims, second for the introduction of July 15, 1974 as a day of Remembrance and Honor of the Fallen and Struggled for Democracy and third for the amendment of the law concerning the establishment and operation of the Central Body of Equal Weight Distribution.

The Agriculture Committee will meet on Tuesday to review bills and regulations concerning the Cyprus Cereals Committee and to discuss the institutional framework for the operation of slaughterhouses, the monopoly situation that has been created and the need to safeguard the public interest.

Also on Tuesday, the Labor Committee convenes to discuss the law, two amendments to the Social Security Fund law and amendments to the Health and Safety Regulations to update the technical provisions of the basic regulations by adding them to the list of biological agents of the SAR virus. -CοV-2 (COVID-19).

On Wednesday, the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs convenes, which includes, among other things, amendments to the regulations on the Police, the bill on the Establishment and Operation of an Independent Anti-Corruption Authority and the amendment to the law on the establishment and operation of the Administrative Court.

On the same day, at its meeting, the Education Committee is informed of the decision of the Council of Ministers regulating the admission of foreign students to Cypriot colleges and of the implementation of this decision in a way that serves the public interest and the policy for quality higher education, for the problems observed in the implementation of the legislation on the new system of appointments in public education, for the recognition of the educational service of the teaching staff of private schools during their inclusion in the “Special Plan for Complete Business Suspension” of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Affairs Insurance, to deal with the effects of the pandemic and to promote comprehensive legislation for the operation of conservatories. In the legislative framework he will discuss the Budget of the Youth Organization and regulations for the University of Cyprus.

The Committee of Institutions has the Code of Principles and Rules of Ethics and Transparency for the Members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday for discussion and final decisions.

The Environment Committee will discuss regulations on maritime spatial planning on Wednesday and discuss in principle the amending bill on waste.

The Health Committee will meet on Thursday to review regulations on mines, the qualifications of dentists and on drugs and psychotropic substances.

The Transport Committee is informed about the redesign and elaboration of a new study for the construction of breakwaters in the bay of Poleos Chrysochous from Polis Chrysochous to Pomos, the need to create breakwaters at the location “Potima”, a beach in the community of Kissonerga and discusses the problems that arise. of the Department of Antiquities at the State Ministry of Culture under discussion.

On Friday, the Legal Committee meets in an extraordinary session to continue the discussion of the bill on the Establishment and Operation of an Independent Authority against Corruption, the bill on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering, the bill on the operation of the to discuss in principle the proposal of Lillikas law for the public service.

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