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The Parliamentary Health Committee discussed the inclusion of menopausal drugs in the NHS

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Συμπερλληψ η φαρμακων για την εμμηνoπαυση σ το ΓεΣΥ συζorτησε η Κοινοβουλευ τικor Επιτροπor Υγεiας

Inclusion of menopausal drugs in the NHS was discussed by the Parliamentary Health Committee – The discussion is expected to continue in subsequent meetings

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The inclusion in the NHS of drugs for the treatment of menopause symptoms was discussed today by the Parliamentary Health Committee< /strong>, as well as the implementation of an informational campaign on menopause, following a proposal by MPs Charalambos Pazaros, Efthymios Diplaros and Savias Orphanidou.

The discussion, which started today, is expected to continue in subsequent meetings, in order to examine how and which medicines can be included in the NHS. As for the information campaign, DISY Member of Parliament, Charalambos Pazaros, stated in his statements after the meeting that the agencies involved are positive.

Mr. Pazaros noted that the onset of menopause, even in cases which is not premature, occurs at ages when women are still productive, but its symptoms disrupt the normality of their lives.

“To prevent the risk of health problems, but also to alleviate the symptoms that causes a woman's health, it is recommended to take specific natural medicines or hormone restoration medicines”, explained Mr. Pazaros, adding that, because there is a defined legal framework for the medicines included in the NHS, the opinion of the Pancypriot Gynecological Obstetrics Society will be sought on whether natural treatments can be included.

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