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The parody account session in Parliament is in high tones – Emily Gioliti said they came for a fight

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The parody account session in Parliament is in high tones - Emily Gioliti said they came for a fight

The Minister of Justice and Public Order, Emily Giolitis, and the teacher in whose house the Police conducted an investigation with a court order, which was finally annulled by the Supreme Court, appeared before the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament today.

Niki Zarou: The accounting was not mine

In statements after the meeting of the Human Rights Committee, the teacher Niki Zarou expressed her disappointment for the fact that someone in charge has yet to come out and officially declare that the parody account does not belong to her.

As she stated, “the Chief of Police explained that the warrant was made for the purpose of capturing information and not because it was my Twitter account”.

She reiterated that the bill was not hers and expressed her frustration with the Minister of Justice who insists on her stance as she said and that she would repeat the same process.

“They want to make us afraid,” said Ms. Zarou

Gioliti: They came ready for a fight

I was interrupted many times and the stage was set, said the Minister of Justice Emily Giolitis, leaving the session of the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament.

They came ready for a quarrel, the minister said, explaining that her own effort had to do with protecting her family.

She insisted on submitting a complaint to the Police and expressed her complaint about the toxic as she described it as the climate she faces every day. She even revealed that she received threats for her life.

“I have no problem apologizing but we need to clarify what I need to apologize for,” she said.

Gioliti responds to reports: “I do not blame the Police for the parody account case”

Decision for modernization of the warrant issuance process after the parody account of Giolitis

Parody account Giolitis: See the parody warrant that was canceled – Why does the teacher say she is justified

Source: politis.com.cy

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