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The parties are warming up engines for Cypriot – News for Christodoulidis

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Τα κoμματα ζεστ αiνουν μηχανeς για Κυπριακo – Νο&upsilon

The upcoming developments in the Cyprus issue in the coming week – UNFICYP resolution and Holgin's visit – combined with President Christodoulides' speech at the KSSE have contributed to the Cyprus issue rising again high on the domestic political agenda, after a period of intense disputes over a series of government decisions. The parties with exhortations, admonitions and hints are trying to send messages in the direction of the president.

The secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou, came back with suggestions to the PtD as he had promised him. at the recent National Council. In his letter, which was made public yesterday, St. Stefanou cites at length AKEL's recommendations regarding the breaking of the deadlock in the Cyprus issue. The AKEL proposal moves on four axes: 1. The position of the I/O side is consistency in the ILO solution with political equality as described by the UN, 2. Consistent acceptance of the Guterres Framework as well as the convergences that have been achieved including those concerning political equality, 3. Adoption of a positive agenda. 4. Unilateral adoption of MOU by the Republic of Cyprus towards Turkish Cypriots. AKEL insists that “if these initiatives that respect the red lines of our side are undertaken, incentives can be created for the resumption of a meaningful dialogue”.

The president of the Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, speaking at an event of the Pangyria Committee for Refugees, emphasized that through the sustainable and functional solution of the Cyprus problem lies the effective dealing with the illegal interventions in the enclosed city of Famagusta, the destruction of the dead zone, the “developments” in Trikomo. He emphasized that we are not allowed to let a single moment go to waste and that with morals and sincerity we must declare our will and readiness, especially now with the descent of the Secretary General's envoy, to contribute to finding common ground, creating the conditions for the resumption of a meaningful dialogue, on the basis of the agreed framework, for a DDO with political equality, in accordance with the UN resolutions.

The DIPAWelcoming what President Christodoulidis emphasized during his speech before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, he indicated that “our side's insistence on the agreed solution framework, the Bizonal Bicommunal Federation, on the basis of all the Resolutions of the UN Security Council, remains as a starting point our main tool for highlighting the correctness of our positions and achieving progress”.

After a partial leak of some of the measures to be announced by the PtD for the Turkish Cypriots, the first reactions coming from the area of ​​co-government began to be recorded. EDEKaddressed the possibility of the KD giving identity cards to children of mixed marriages between Turkish settlers and Turkish Cypriots. EDEK notes that the children of mixed marriages “are a product of illegality, which began with the Turkish invasion and was implemented with the continued occupation of part of the territories of the Republic of Macedonia by Turkey, during which the colonization of the occupied territories was imposed”.

< p>The Environmentalists in their statement request the convening of the National Council to discuss the sale of Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied territories. According to the Environmentalists, “while a political earthquake has been caused in the occupied territories after the arrest of the Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kursiat, as a result of which shocking information has come to the surface about the way in which the entire Turkish Cypriot political system has been involved – since 1974 – in the operation of dividing the Greek Cypriot properties and their illegal exploitation, in the free areas, it seems that the political staff and the government are not particularly concerned with this critical issue”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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