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The party chooses between Averof and Christodoulidis

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The party chooses between Averof and Christodoulidis


The President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis opened his papers for the 2023 Presidential Elections, in the interview he gave on the Sigma show “Without Rotations”, clarifying that the only official candidate for the Democratic Alarm is the President of the party Averof Neophytou. Between the President of DISY and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of his Government, President Anastasiadis chooses his party.

“DISY has taken over half of my life. I have been serving this group since 1978, so you can count on my passion and love for this group. I was one of those who contributed to both cohesion and electoral success. I am concerned with what is recorded. However, what always prevailed was the compliance with the rules of operation of the party “, said President Anastasiadis, adding that” our statute is pioneering and one of the most modern statutes with the first and most important emphasis on absolute democracy “.

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He argued that no one who loves this faction can violate the statute, the rules of operation of the party, as it is the only way to maintain unity.

Asked to comment on whether he conveyed his concerns to Nikos Christodoulidis, he said that his love for the party dictated that he advise those who might be interested, what the party dictates. “So yes, not one, but I have repeatedly advised a capable and dedicated colleague that he had no choice but to follow the presidential election in accordance with the party's statutes,” he said.

He added that he proceeded to a joint meeting with the President of DISY and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, during which questions were asked and answers were given by Averof Neophytou.

“I believe that they should satisfy (s.s. the answers) any concerns of Mr. Christodoulidis”, the President supported, to continue saying that “it is his right, he is a free man to decide that he thinks he can serve nobles ambitions. At the same time, love for the party and the world of the party should be taken into account. “No one should in any way contribute to a rift within the party.”

Asked to answer for what he will choose, the PD said succinctly “my party”. “I will fully respect the procedures provided by my party. The party, based on the procedures, elected its President, Mr. Averof Neophytou “.

The President expressed concern about the possibility that the Democratic Alarm would experience a similar scenario to 2003. ” Presidency as an independent. I will not stop trying even now. “I am in constant contact with the President of the party but also with those who I believe can influence situations”, he noted on the issue.

He also clarified that on March 12 he will be present at the DISY Political Congress in his capacity as a party official and not as President, however, clarifying that he will try in every way not to involve the independence that the PD να must observe, with the expression there and where appropriate the effort for the success of the faction.

Source: www.philenews.com

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