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The Party for Animals supports the abolition of dog cages

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Το Κoμμα για τ&alpha ; Ζωα στηρΙζει την καταργηση των κ&lambda ;ουβιoν σκyλων

No dog is born with killer instincts and is driven to it by lack of guardian knowledge of how to control their dog's behavior, says the Party for Animals Cyprus.

Commenting on a recent announcement by the Movement of United Cyprus Hunters, it states that the Party for Animals supports the abolition of cages, “exactly because the outdated mentality of some Guardian dogs, including a large portion of hunters, keeps medium and large dogs in 2 square meter cages, visits these cages every 2-3 days, the food and water bowls are dirty”.

He says that “if the Hunters Movement really cares about these dogs, we invite them on a tour of the Cypriot countryside, to see what the volunteer rescuers see and members of the Cyprus Animals Party every day, and we are sure that they will become allies in our fight to abolish cages and improve the living conditions of dogs in Cyprus”.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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