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The pathologist Karagiannis expresses certainty about the strangulation of Thanasis Nikolaos

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 Βεβαιτητα ε&kappa ;φραζει η παθολογοανατoμος Καρ&alpha ;γιαννη για στραγγαλισμo του Θα ναση Νικολαου

He was called as a witness during today's capital inquest into the causes of death of the 26-year-old national guard

The position that the death of Thanasis Nikolaos was due to strangulation was expressed by pathologist Dimitra Karagianni, who was called as a witness during today's death investigation process into the causes of death of the 26-year-old national guard, in September 2005.

The pathologist, who had represented the family and was appointed by the Athens Public Prosecutor's Office as a medical expert, informed the court of her duties, and during the proceedings she presented literature, photographs and blank slides, a tissue slide and a hyoid bone slide from anatomy lesson.

A branch was also submitted as evidence, which the pathologist cut in two, to explain what an abnormal edge, like the one found in the defect in the left horn of Thanasis Nikolaou's hyoid bone, means. which, as he explained, is only caused by strangulation or hanging.

Asked about this, Dimitra Karagiannis stated that Professor Emmanouil Agapitos (who testified yesterday) received the hyoid bone in her presence and assured her that he would inform her about its joint examination, as provided by the relevant decree of the Limassol district court. She added that, after some days and after unsuccessfully trying to contact him, Professor Agapitos informed her, via e-mail, that he had started the examination process, with her asking for explanations and informing the family's lawyer at the time.

According to the pathologist, in her e-mail, she called Professor Agapito to explain why he excluded her from the process and asked for the tiles to be handed over, warning of legal measures and his replacement.

She also mentioned that, after a few days, Professor Agapitos requested that she, together with the medical examiners Filippos Koutsaftis and Sokratis Tsadiris, observe the sections of the hyoid bone under the fivefold microscope of the microscope room.

In total, Dimitra Karagianni explained, 325 tiles were examined, all of which contained tissue, while she indicated that she was impressed by the fact that they were not numbered based on protocol and that, upon her suggestion, Professor Agapitos told her that this did not need to be done. During joint observation, he continued, it was found that the two horns of the hyoid bone were unequal, with the left showing a 3mm deficit.

Something like this, Ms. Karagianni said when asked, cannot be due to a genetic abnormality, while she noted that the abnormal edge on the left horn indicates a “classic case of hyoid bone damage”, which cannot be caused postmortem, since in such a case it would create smooth edge.

“This is the only way to break the horn of the hyoid bone, either by hanging or by strangulation,” she said and read her report, where “I come to the conclusion that it is strangulation.”


Presenting photos of strangulation from the literature and photos of Thanasis Nikolaou's body, Mrs. Karagiannis said that it appears that he has bruises on his neck, while he noted that the bruises found in the report of the medical examiner Panikos Stavrianos prove that he was strangled.

In relation to the return of 313 tiles and not 325, by Professor Agapito, the pathologist spoke of “tacticalism” on the part of “because he intended to remove, otherwise he would have sent them all to Cyprus”.

He added that, after the relevant instructions, Professor Agapitos returned another 37 tiles that, as he mentioned, he had moved to the luggage compartment of his car for safety and because they were empty.

Ms. Karagianni stated that the 37 tiles that were returned were different from the ones he had examined, since they contained neither tissue nor paraffin residues and expressed the position that they do not belong to Thanasis Nikolaou.

He also called on the court to request that they be brought before of all the tiles to be examined, which, however, was not accepted.

On the part of the lawyer of the Republic, time was requested to cross-examine the witness, who was summoned by Greece, and after consultation it was decided how to proceed on February 26 (09:00), while criminal investigator Savvas Matsas is expected to give his testimony on February 27.

The court also invited the family side to buy on February 26 for its request to Thanasis' mother, Andriana Nikolaou, also testified.

Source: politis.com.cy

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