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The PD returned the freezing of the sales to the Parliament

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The PD returned the freezing of the sales to the Parliament

Adverse consequences for the state economic policy and additional risks in the banking system, in a particularly uncertain period, will lead to the further suspension of the law on sales until October 31, says the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, in the text of the reference of the relevant law in the Parliament, which he signed, according to information from F “, yesterday.

This is the legislation that was passed by the Parliament on July 8, which provided for the continuation of the suspension of sales from July 31 to October 31 for a main residence worth € 350 thousand, a professional home with an annual turnover of € 750 thousand and plots worth up to € 100 thousand

Although President Anastasiadis acknowledges that the scope of the legislation is less extended than the law that will be in force until the end of the month (which he did not return when he was voted on the eve of the parliamentary elections), he considers that the extension of the freeze will further weaken this tool. As he argues in the letter he sent to the Speaker of Parliament, with the new suspension of the sales there will be no appropriate incentives for the banks to proceed with sustainable restructuring.

Moreover, he argues that the law conflicts with the Constitution and violates the principle of separation of powers, as the Legislative Power intervenes, according to him, in the responsibilities of the Executive Power. With a strong style, Mr. Anastasiadis notes that the Parliament legislates and the executive power governs, within the limits of the Constitution and the laws. Concluding, he emphasizes that the law also conflicts with Article 26 of the Constitution and the freedom to contract.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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