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The placement of the Pafos Landfill Board for distribution to the Department of Environment

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Η τοποθΕτηση &Delta ;Σ ΧΥΤΑ Παφου για διαμειφθΕντα σ&tau ;ην Επ. Περιβαλλοντος

The Board of Directors of the Paphos Landfill makes a statement on the occasion of what was said in a session of the Parliament's Environment Committee, which notes that the Sanitary Waste Landfill (LANDFILL) was designed and built in 2005 by the Ministry of the Interior, which managed the Unit until 2010 was found and granted with an assignment agreement the management of the site to the Council for the Exploitation of Landfills for the Disposal or Utilization of Household Waste of the District of Paphos.

As the Paphos Landfill explains in  cells, all solid waste is buried, including organic waste, since in the Paphos District there is no licensed facility that can manage it, nor is it possible at the moment without the infrastructure to separate it either in the houses or elsewhere.

The leachate flowing from the cells is collected in tanks under the cells and transported by pipes to the Biological Unit within the fenced area of ​​the Landfill and receive treatment.

A public road passes through the Unit and many times the residents to get to their property they have to cross through the Unit. This is relatively dangerous for both those passing through the Unit and those working in the area.

Reading the relevant correspondence for the years 2005 to 2007 intention of the Ministry of the Interior, the announcement adds,  was the construction of a public road that will pass outside the Unit, a project which was not implemented at their own risk.

The Landfill also notes that " due to the well-known scandals that followed, most of the correspondence related to this project has been lost, not by chance.

He also calls the state  to assume his responsibilities and construct the road outside the boundaries of the Unit.

The Paphos District Council in an effort to ensure smooth and/or safe access to the site hires a person from the Council for the purpose of general security of the site on a twenty-four hour basis and is within framework, it is added.

The biogas, the announcement continues, is released through special pipes through the cells which have carbon on top. No biogas combustion torch was installed by the manufacturer since it was not considered necessary because the biogas produced was not in such quantities that would make the combustion torch necessary.

In addition, it is stated that the Council measures biogas emissions into the atmosphere through a special partner from biogas collection wells and notes the results in the annual report he submits to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Also, in an area that has been properly designed, the Council has been receiving prunings from the local authorities of Paphos for their convenience for several years. Despite the assurances that the Board of Directors of the Organization had that the Department of Water Development would purchase and supply a large-capacity shredder for the needs of the Province, this has not been done for six years.

Specifically, adds the Landfill ,  on today's data and recent correspondence it appears that, all going well, the shredder will be in the Council's possession within about twelve months.

In the light of the above data the Council made a decision to allocate a fund to start the cutting of the produced prunings. It is being considered to stop the Landfill receiving prunings that are not its obligation but this will have incalculable damage because many municipalities and communities will discard the prunings in streams.

Around mid-2017 the Board of Directors of the Organization discovered that the Sanitary Waste Landfill located in the Marathousta area, a government project that began operating in 2005 under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Paphos District Administration, did not have the necessary Town Planning Approval, it is reported.

The Council took all the necessary actions and in cooperation with the state services, so that in October 2022 the planning approval will be issued. The non-existence of the license or its non-detection in the opinion of the Organization is connected to the related scandals of the LANDFILL LANDFILL, the announcement concludes.

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